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ChinaDivision is an order fulfillment service based in China, which allows clients from around the world to source, store, and send products directly from China. The company focuses on helping eCommerce businesses around the world to have a reliable fulfillment system for their business, which helps to provide the best customer satisfaction in the long run. With fast processing and good warehousing system, you can ensure that your orders are getting processed quickly and all products are stored safely.

Product Sourcing Service

China is the place where most big companies all over the world create their products. There are so many factories in China that offer services to companies around the world to create the products that they need. Thus, it is the best place for you to source products for your eCommerce business. ChinaDivision can help you to connect your business with various partners within the country to find the products that you want. The advantage of lower pricing, more resources, and lower risk can help you to minimize your business cost and maximize your earnings.

Warehousing Service

The systematic warehousing service that is provided by this company allows you to store your products safely and keep them in check all the time. The stock control feature allows you to keep your product quality consistent with the data that you give to your customers. In this way, your customers can ensure that they get the products exactly like the description on your eCommerce website. This company also provides quality testing and barcode system to ensure that the fulfillment process is going through smoothly for all of your orders. The inventory management feature allows you to keep the product stock in check to avoid missing orders.

Fulfillment Service

Good sourcing and warehousing services won’t matter much without a good fulfillment service. Fortunately, ChinaDivision offers a very good fulfillment service that allows you to fulfill each order quickly and satisfactorily for your customers. The picking and packing system ensures that your orders are packed properly for each customer. Before the company processes your orders for shipment, they will inspect the package to ensure that nothing is wrong with the products. This can help to reduce chargebacks from unsatisfied customers. A good shipment management ensures that all orders are processed quickly, usually in the same day if it is received by 13:00 CST. Returns handling is also provided.

Value Added Service

The value added service provided by this company allows you to enjoy various additional features to boost your eCommerce business management. The lightning fast shipping process ensures that your customers get their ordered products on time, with the choices of carrier services that can deliver their products in a cost-effective and fast way. The service comes with real-time monitoring to ensure that all orders are processed in real time, keeping you informed about the stock and inventory all the time. The brand-upgrading strategy allows you to take your brand to the next level once your business starts to take off. For this, ChinaDivision provides additional services such as marketing, custom packaging, and labeling.


ChinaDivision is a company that offers a complete all-in-one solution for any eCommerce or crowdfunding businesses around the world. With the combination of four main services—product sourcing, warehousing, fulfillment, and value added services—you will be able to rely your business completely on this company. Since the company is based in China, it is very easy for them to connect you to various product sourcing companies, store the products for you, and ship them on behalf of your company quickly and cheaply. With good quality control and value added features, you can ensure that your customers are satisfied with their purchase, while maximizing their satisfaction toward your business.

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