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Comindwork is a Kiev, Ukraine based project management platform. They offer cloud-based as well as desktop-based project management for various size of companies. It renders itself as a single hub for collaborating teams and managing projects. With this powerful productivity platform, you can work from anywhere with full privacy via dedicated workspaces.

The software is designed to cater to the business needs of any knowledge-intensive firm who is looking for collaboration and management from a single, secured place. Whether you prefer online or offline access, the software enables comprehensive business management. If you need the software hosted in a private cloud due to legal policies, you can install it on your own server without losing anything.

Different Versions

There are four different versions to choose from, as per your needs: Free for 3 users, Starter for 10 users, Business for 11 users, and Enterprise for 30 users. The Free version comes with unlimited workspaces, apps, and tasks; supports 10 guest users; offers 100MB per user; facilitates weekly backups; and has standard features. The Starter pack comes with email support, more storage support, and SSL encryption.

The Business version comes with business features, supports unlimited guest users, offers more storage, and ensures priority e-mail support. For an enterprise, the Enterprise version features instant backups, live phone or e-mail support, and more storage than the Business model.


Right from teams to project finance, users can manage all aspects of their business operations from its simple and clean dashboard. You can assign roles and tasks to members; invite them to Facebook, SalesForce, and Gmail; and create To-do lists and linked them to milestones for progress tracking. The dashboard style is similar to Gmail, which means quick spotting and tracking of project elements.

Standard Features

You can expect unlimited workspaces and apps for your units, task tree, interactive Gantt chart, auto-scheduling of tasks, Web forms, and reporting options including Pivot tables. The dashboard also offers customization of task lists and app records with editing and filtering, role permissions, version history and recovery of data, e-mail notifications, instant search, Google Drive integration, data import and export, backups, and 256-bit SSL data encryption.

Business Features

Free or small business plans don’t offer any support. Business plans come with priority email support. You can also  expect advanced permissions such as per-field permissions, usage reports, and cross-project views of tasks, reports, and records. Other business features includes 256-bit encryption for better security of data and 1 TB of total data allocation.

Enterprise Features

These are available only in Enterprise edition. The features include project portfolio management, task assignment to groups, customizable project process, resource allocation, exceptions tracking, and individual work calendars. You can also expect advanced workflows, automatic creation of tasks, event-based triggers, nested transitions, task dependencies, Google Apps integration, auto-scheduling, and access to developer API. Enterprise plan also allows users to get support through multiple channels such as email, chat & phone. With business plans, support is limited through emails only.

Custom Banding

All the plans allow users to create a sub domain to host project management app. However, there is also the option to connect custom domain, such as Apart from that customize fields, custom logo, custom page layouts can also help to change the look and feel of the portal at certain extent.


Comindwork is for those businesses that are willing to pay for what they need on per day basis. Of all the features, its integration ability extending to encompass MS Project, Facebook, Twitter, Google Docs, and BaseCamp is commendable. With so many diverse features, Comindwork makes project management efficient and easy.

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