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CorrectEnglish is a grammar checking tool provided by Vantage Learning, an education technology company based in Yardley, Pennsylvania, USA. The company was founded in 1990, with focus on helping students to improve their school achievements using technology. The software aims to help students, teachers, and businesses to improve their writing quality so that they can improve the results with their writing.

Complete Edition

The Complete Edition of CorrectEnglish provides the most comprehensive grammar checking tools for students and business writers to assess their writing quality and fix their writing mistakes effectively. The software is useful to help the users to write better research paper, business reports, abstracts, school assignments, and more. There are various style guides that can be used with this software, which helps the writer to format their writing according to their usage. APA and MLA styles are supported by this software. Aside from analyzing your writing mistakes, this software can also help to improve your writing skills over time.

Teacher Edition

The Teacher Edition of CorrectEnglish allows you to teach your students to improve their writing skills. This edition includes various features that allow teaching your students easier to do. With the subscription of this edition, you can use it to teach up to 30 students, and you can give them writing corrections instantly. You can access the software from any web browser, since it is a cloud-based platform. It supports non-English languages as well, such as Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, French, and more. With this software, you can assist each of your students in their study, and provide feedbacks as they write so that they can improve their writing skills over time.

Spanish Edition

The Spanish Edition of CorrectEnglish helps Spanish users to use this software in their native language. The overall features of the software are still the same, which is similar to the Complete Edition, but the difference lies at the menu and overall suggestion language. The suggestions are presented in Spanish language, as this edition is targeted for the Spanish users. So, this edition is ideal if you have Spanish as your native language, and you are learning to write in English. With this edition, you can improve your overall writing skill without misunderstanding the suggestions and corrections made by the software along the way.

Free Trial Offer

If you would like to try the software before buying it, CorrectEnglish offers a 3-day free trial version of the software. Though it might be a short period to evaluate the software, you can still get the idea about how the software works during your free trial period. Why? That is because during this free trial period, you get the full premium features of the software. You are going to use the premium version of CorrectEnglish in a limited period of time. Thus, it enables you to explore various features of the software, including the ability to learn the basic instructions to write various writing materials, whether for school or business, and the ability to assess the quality of your writing and analyze the mistakes that you make in your writing.


CorrectEnglish is targeted mainly for school students and business writers to improve their writing skills. It may not be suitable for writers who intend to use their writing for online publications, because it is targeted mainly to write various academic and business papers. The price offered for the software is considered quite expensive, considering that it is a yearly pricing plan, not a one-time license fee. So, if you are a teacher, student, or business writer, this software might be good for you to improve the quality of your writing, especially in relation with your regular paperwork. However, if you are a blogger, journalist, or online writer, it might not be a suitable grammar checking tool to use for your business.

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