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By: Cox Communications, Inc. From USA

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Cox Internet is a wireless internet service provided by Cox Communications, which is a broadband communication company founded in 1984 and based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Cox Cable is the wireless internet service provided by the company, which gives the users the high speed and reliable internet connection, along with hundreds of thousands of hotspots that are available nationwide. The Panoramic WiFi is the feature that allows users to expand their home network coverage to reach every corner of their home.

High Speed Internet Plan For Every Need

Cox Internet offers various high speed internet plans with cheaper price than the competition, which is tailored to your needs. So, whether you use the internet just to check emails and send instant messages or use it to download large files and online gaming, there is a plan that is suitable for you. The wireless internet service offers up to 300 MBPS speed for your internet, which means that you can download large files with this connection in just a few minutes. Each plan has its own allocated number of devices that are allowed to connect to the network at the same time.

Free Access To Nationwide Cox Hotspot Areas

The service provider has more than 500,000 hotspots that are spread nationwide to cater for its users, which is good for those who are traveling around the country a lot. If you use this ISP, you don’t need to worry if you need to travel to another city or another state. If you can find a Cox hotspot nearby, you can connect to the hotspot using your sign in information and enjoy free access in the same way you enjoy your internet access at home. In this way, you can stay connected everywhere you go.

Panoramic WiFi To Extend The Network Coverage

The drawback of a wireless internet service is that sometimes, even though you are subscribing to a good internet plan, the network coverage cannot reach every corner of your home. For instance, you might have a good connection in the living room, but you might have a bad connection in the basement or upstairs. This problem is solved with Panoramic WiFi, which is a feature available from Cox Home that allows you to extend the network coverage in your home, making sure that every inch of your home gets a stable reception of your WiFi network.

Cox Security Suite Plus And WebMail Included

Providing a stable internet access is not the only thing that this service provider gives to its users. When you subscribe to the internet package offered by the company, you get the Cox Security Suite Plus and WebMail as extra features. The Cox Security Suite Plus allows you to protect your devices while you browse online, which acts as a kind of antivirus and firewall for your devices to prevent various online threats from infiltrating your devices or network. Also, you get the WebMail service that allows you to create your own premium email address with a strong spam protection system available.

Hundreds Of TV Channels And Free Installation

With the bundle provided by this service provider, you can not only sign up for the internet package plan, but you can also add hundreds of TV channels along with your subscription. These TV channels include the national TV channels, as well as some premium channels such as HBO, Cinemax, and Showtime. In this way, you never miss your favorite TV shows ever again. Also, the package comes with a free installation for eligible users, and thus, you don’t need to pay for additional fees as well as wasting your time for the installation of equipment for your home network.


For a reliable service with high speed internet access, Cox Internet is the best choice for those seeking for a personalized internet access plan with a cheaper price. Not only you can choose your own internet package based on your internet usage, you can also get additional features that are normally not included in the plans provided by other internet service providers. With free access to hundreds of thousands of hotspot areas across the US, you don’t need to worry about staying connected to this network, even when you are far from home. As for the security, you get the maximum protection with the full security suite provided with your internet package, which helps you to protect your browsing activity from online threats.

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