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Any online marketer who has tried making money by running a PPV campaign knows the challenge. It is quite difficult to come up with most profitable PPV campaigns quite frequently. This is perhaps because highly meticulous testing and removal of ineffective elements are essential for significant returns through PPV. However, CPVLab seems to prove its effectiveness here for simplifying the testing task for PPV marketers.

CPVLabs is an advanced tool of analytics designed for affiliate marketers, lead generators, agencies, and merchants to track their online campaigns in the most efficient way. Although been fine-tuned for monitoring PPV campaigns, the tool is actually far-reaching, as it can track much more than just CPV ads.

The most distinct ability of this tool is that it enables tracking multiple types of campaigns, such as e-mail follow-ups, lead capture, landing page sequence, direct link, and landing pages.

Installation and Setup

CPVLab requires to be installed on the server. The process is similar to installing a web script. You only need to upload it on your server, provide the MySQL database into the config file, and execute the installer script. Further, all data remains secure on your server and tracking analytics are purely private.

Setting up your campaign is super easy. You only have to paste your landing page URL or affiliate link and specify how you wish to rotate things. Usually, many changes need to be done in PPV campaigns and that each page with changes has to be re-approved by the network of PPV. However, with CPVLab, the tracking URL does not change at all, once the campaign is set. This means you can make the changes to the campaign without the need of re-approval.

Server Requirement

CPVLab code is not open source. You may not be able to edit or customize features according to your requirement if needed. As per official site suggests, it is not recommended to install the software on any shared hosting but should be installed on VPS servers at least. It requires PHP version 5.3 or above, mysql and ioncube loader installed. Their CPV Alert app is a desktop version and only available for windows.

Advanced Split Testing

The tool allows conducting a split test on direct link offers aligned with landing pages. It also allows applying a weight for each split test campaign. For instance, you may specify the weigh factor as 15% of the total traffic for one campaign and 85% for the other. In this way, you can split test various campaigns with different weight factors representing traffic visibility.

Analytical Stats and Metrics

The moment you start getting enough traffic, you can begin analyzing the stats. The tool is highly optimized to reveal detailed information on the performance of different campaigns. Such a level of granularity helps in improving your campaigns. It is also possible to set different criteria to judge a campaign as a winner according to the ROI.

Winning Ads and Landing Pages

CPVLab identifies wining ads and landing pages quickly. You can simply rotate in the variations of a landing page or offers while conducting a split test. The combination can be anything for the test: 5 offers in a direct linking campaign, a direct linking campaign versus two landing pages, and a direct linking campaign with 4 offers versus 2 landing pages with 4 offers.

Pricing and License Renewal

Although it is self-hosted edition, the upfront cost of software seems a bit high. It costs $297 to buy the software with a lifetime license and includes one year of support and upgrade. If you want to receive updates, it costs $147 a year to get updates. Lite users and novice internet marketers can rather rely on SaaS based platforms like LinkTrackr or ClickMeter if all required features are included with them.


CPVLab is super flexible and allows tracking anything you desire. Full control and lots of power over the tracking elements are perhaps the strongest selling points of this software.

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