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By: DesignCrowd Pty Ltd From Australia

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DesignCrowd is an online service that provides various design-related services, such as logo design, print design, and website design. The service is provided to you by DesignCrowd Pty Ltd since 2008, and the company is located in Surry Hills, New South Wales, Australia.

There is no fixed price plan offered in this service, as you can always post your project according to your pricing requirement.

Easy Process to Get Your Design Done

DesignCrowd offers you with professional logo designs from around the world, immediately after the moment you post your project. The process of getting your logo designed is simple. First, you have to post your project brief, detailing various aspects of the logo that you want to get, so that the designers can start working on it. Second, you get various design choices that are posted by various designers from around the world. Third, you can pick the designs that you like and ask the designers to revise them. Fourth, you can choose one best design for your business and pay the designer the money for their hard work.

Risk-Free Logo Design Creation

With DesignCrowd, you get risk-free logo design creation. It means that you can take back your money if you don’t find any good logo design for your company. The risk-free logo design creation provides you with a solid satisfaction guarantee that ensures you get what you want for the money you pay for. You can request the refund of your design budget within 60-day after you post your project to the website. Or, if you don’t want to do that, you can contact the company to provide you with more designers to work for your logo design. Either way, you don’t risk anything when you use this service.

Variety of Designs to Choose

While many web design services provide you with only 2 to 6 design concepts for you to review, DesignCrowd provides a variety of designs to choose from, from various designers around the world. It means that you get more choices in front of you, and you get the chance to pick the best design you can get. You get from 25 to more than 100 designs to choose from, and you can always ask the designers to revise their work before accepting their final work. This inspires more creativity for designers to bring the best work they can produce.

Worldwide Logo Design Service

With this service, you don’t get your logo from only one place or one in-house design agency. You get your logo designed from various places around the world, which means you get the best diversity for your design. The designers at DesignCrowd work from various places, and each has their own unique style and talent. Thus, you don’t get the same type of design when you use this service.

Best Value for Your Investment

This service can give you the best value for your investment, because you can set your own design budget and get the best design out of it. The minimum budget that you can put on the website is $150, and you can start with this budget investment to pay the designers to do their work. You choose the design that you want to use.


If you want more diversity in your logo design, you can take a look at DesignCrowd and try the logo creation service provided by the company. It gives you more flexibility with a wide variety of choices for you to choose from.  You set your own design specification and preferences, and the designers at DesignCrowd can compete to create the best design for you. Overall, this service is recommended for those who have a fixed design budget and want the maximum flexibility in choosing their design before using it for their business.

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