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By: Condusiv Technologies Corporation.
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Diskeeper is a disk defragmenter and PC optimization tool created and developed by Condusiv Technologies Corporation, a software company based in Burbank, California, USA. The company focuses on providing software that helps home and server users to optimize their disk performance to ensure faster application execution. The goal of the company is to help users to extend the lifetime of their physical storage devices, while improving their business productivity and lowering their data center costs.

Provide A Faster System Performance Than A New PC

The focus of Diskeeper is to allow you to restore your system performance by optimizing your hard drives. Moreover, the optimization level that is done by this software is way better than the regular disk defragmenter tools out there. This software is able to restore your system performance, and make it faster than a new PC. Throughout the years, you have been using your hard drives for various tasks on your computer, and as such, your hard drives become weaker and the performance of your system becomes slower. This software is there to keep your hard drives working properly by organizing your files, optimizing your computer performance, and making it easier for your system to launch applications.

Faster Application Execution

The more fragmented your hard drives, the worse your system performance can be. It means that when your hard drives are fragmented, it becomes harder for your system to access the files located on your hard drives. This is because your files are scattered randomly within your hard drives, making it harder for your system to access them. The problem doesn’t end there. It is also harder for your system to access the applications or software installed on your hard drives as well, making the system performance considerably slower. This disk defragmenter tool helps you to organize your hard drive files and make it easier for your system to execute your applications faster.

Prevent Disk Fragmentation

While the other disk defragmenter software can only fix the fragmentation problem in your hard drives, Diskeeper is doing more than that. Not only fixing your fragmentation problem, this software also helps you to prevent further fragmentation in your hard drives. In other words, any additional files that are added to your hard drives are being automatically organized and arranged for easier access. It is kind of on-the-go defragmentation process that is done to make sure that your system is always optimized, and there are no problems related to your system performance any longer.

Instant And Automatic Defragmentation Process

Once this software is installed, you can automatically perform the defragmentation process for your hard drives instantly. The software recognizes the fragmentation of your hard drives and automatically fix this problem for you. You don’t need to worry about doing this process manually again and again, since the software is designed to automatically perform the process at a regular interval. With this feature, there is no chance that your hard drive fragmentation problem is being left out or ignored for a long time. As long as this software is installed on your system, a routine maintenance for your drives is done automatically.

Extend The Lifetime Of Your Hard Drives

For any computer or system, whether you are using your computer for home, business, or server, you have to ensure that all of your hard drives are working properly all the time. You don’t want to experience any problem with your hard drives in the middle of important tasks. Thus, it is important for you to keep your hard drives in good condition. Diskeeper, as the name suggests, helps to keep your hard drives in the best condition at all times. It can even help you to extend the lifetime of your hard drives by 1-3 years.


Diskeeper is probably the most powerful disk defragmenter tool that you can find on the market today. This premium defragmenter software is useful to keep your hard drives in the defragmented state all the time, with its automatic and instant defrag process, as well as the fragmentation prevention feature. This is the kind of software that helps you to keep your hard drives working properly for years, and extend the lifetime of your hard drives, so that you can use them even longer. It is suitable for users that use their hard drives for their business and servers, which might require their hard drives to be up and running non stop.

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