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By: Nuance Communications, Inc.

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Dragon Professional Individual is a speech recognition software created and developed by Nuance Communications, Inc., a software company founded in 1992 and based in Burlington, Massachusetts, USA. The company provides various software solutions for individuals, businesses, and organizations, including speech recognition, keypad, and imaging software that helps the users to work on their tasks more quickly. The software allows the users to turn their voices into texts for the purpose of creating and editing documents, emails, instant messages, and many other purposes, with a very accurate speech recognition technology.

Highly Accurate Speech Recognition Technology

The main benefit that makes Dragon Professional Individual different from the other speech recognition software is the accuracy that it has. This software has more than 99% accuracy in the transcription process, which means less and less annoying errors for you when you use this kind of software. Moreover, this software has been around for a very long time, and it has undergone lots of improvements along the way, which makes it one of the most accurate voice-to-text software that you can find. Whether you speak English like a native speaker, or whether you have a unique accent for your English, this software can recognize your voice all the same.

Transcribe Audio Files To Text Quickly And Accurately

Not only you can input your voice directly with the help of a headset or microphone, and transform it into text immediately, you can also use this software to transcribe audio files that you have. In other words, you just need to input your voice recording into the software, and the software can transcribe the audio quickly and accurately. You can record your voice using a smartphone or using a recording device approved by Nuance for the best transcription quality and accuracy. Again, less editing is required post-transcription, since you can get more than 99% accuracy.

The Ability To Edit And Format Documents With Voice Commands

Not only Dragon Professional Individual is an excellent voice dictation software that you can get, it also allows you to format and edit your documents with your voice. There are hundreds of voice commands that you can use to format and edit your documents without ever touching your keyboard. Simply by using your voice, you can change your documents hands-free, and ensure that your documents have an excellent quality before you use it. The voice commands work with lots of popular applications and software for PC.

Better And Faster Performance

This software has been improved over time and it has managed to become one of the best voice recognition software in the market today, with better and faster performance. Now, you can dictate your voice and turn it into text much faster than before, especially if you have a high specification computer for this software. Also, it has been proven to be three times faster than manual typing, so if you would like to complete your document as quickly as possible, this software is the best tool that you can do for the task. This is true for editing and formatting as well, which is much faster when you use this software than keyboard and mouse.

Other Related Software

Dragon Professional Individual is one of the many speech recognition software provided by Nuance. For this software, it is available for Windows and Mac OSX. However, the license for each version is separate. Another software that can complement this software is Dragon Anywhere, which is a mobile app that can be used as a cloud-based voice recognition software for your mobile device. Also, it can sync the document between your mobile device and desktop if you have Dragon Professional Individual installed on your computer. Additionally, there is Dragon Naturally Speaking, which is the voice recognition software that offers basic features of voice-to-text functionality. There is also a medical version of the software, with support for dictation for EMR (Electronic Medical Record) systems.


Dragon Professional Individual provides an accurate voice recognition software that can be used for various purposes, whether you dictate your voice directly through a microphone or headset, or use it to transcribe audio files. It has a deep learning system that helps the software to learn about how you use the software, your language style, accent, and other aspects to provide a better and more accurate transcription the more you use the software. With the improvements that have been made over the years, this software has become one of the best voice recognition software that you can find on the market today. 

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