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Started out long back in 1997, eFax clearly is a market leader with over 11 million customers and 1 billion faxes to its credit. Sending fax over internet to a local or toll free number is extremely easy using its simple interface integrated with your email account. Enhanced features like digital signature and integration with mobile apps are like icing on the cake.

Easy Fax Management

Once your eFax account is activated, you can start sending and receiving faxes immediately. It's just like an email account wherein you can send fax as an attachment to your email. The easy to use interface allows you to preview your faxes before you send them out. The address book feature facilitates quick search of your contacts to send fax to. All the incoming and outgoing faxes are stored in your account and you can search for a fax using a keyword, whenever you need to. Transmission of fax takes place in a secure environment over an encrypted connection.

Wide Coverage

You can choose to have a toll free number or a local number for faxing. You can have a local number for any of the 4,300 cities that eFax covers, irrespective of your actual location. Also, you can have more than 1 fax number allocated in your account, and each fax number can again have up to 5 email addresses for receiving fax.

Digital Signature

This feature sounds minor but has its own advantage. Whenever a document to be faxed needs your signature, you don’t have to sign and scan a hard copy of the document. Just put your digital signature stamp on the soft copy of the document and you are done.

Faxing Large Files

Normal email users often face problem while sending large files as attachment. But an eFax account allows its users to send big files as email fax. This is usually helpful when you need to send some visual media files like sales presentations, high resolution pictures, or even promotional videos.

Fax By Email

Just like many other leading providers do, eFax also allows to send and receives faxes straight from email accounts. Users are allowed to receive faxes to up to 5 different email accounts. Users, of course, can login to their admin dashboard and send from there as well but sending and receiving via email can be a great time saver at times. All the faxes sent are also searchable using a keyword. User can store all faxes to their account as long as their account is active with them.

Mobile Apps for Faxing

Having a mobile application allows you to send faxes even when you are away from your PC, Mac or laptop. eFax has mobile apps for both iPhone as well as Android phone users. Once you’ve downloaded the app on your smart phone, simply take a snap of the document to be faxed and send it. Now it can’t get easier than that!

24/7 Support

Though they don’t have a separate tutorial officially serving as an online knowledgebase, the FAQ page is good enough to reasonably clear most of your doubts. They also have either local or toll free phone lines for each of the countries they serve. Apart from this, you can reach out to them through email as well.

30-Day Free Trial

If you want to give them a try but are afraid of the commitment, you can initially go for a free trial. The 30-day free trial account comes with all the features of a full-fledged account. You can send and receive faxes free of cost within this trial period, of course within the upper limits set in the trial account. If you are not happy or satisfied with the services, you can cancel the account anytime within the trial period without being charged anything.


eFax is completely focused and dedicated to email to fax services. Pricing is on the higher side of the industry standard but given the advanced features and user friendly interface, that would hardly matter to most users. Apart from the high prices, there is nothing else that should restrain you from enjoying its cool features. In order to make it easier for you to take a decision, let me put it this way: If you are okay paying the price of 500 pages (what others charge) for faxing 150 pages (with eFax), go for it.

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