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eFulfillment Service is an order fulfillment company founded in 2001 and based in Traverse City, Michigan, USA. The company has been known as a simple, reliable, and affordable order fulfillment company with various awards given by various organizations, such as MFSA, Inc. 5000, Michigan 50, Best Web Tool, and Small Business of the Year.

Error-free Order Fulfillment Services

eFulfillment is an award-winning order fulfillment service that offers the best order fulfillment service, with full transparency. In other words, you can see the full process of your orders clearly, without any hidden parts. The orders are taken care by a highly trained team of professionals, which ensure error-free fulfillment for your business. The expert team handles the whole process of your order fulfillment, including packaging and shipping, with various options available. They also offer discounted shipping rates when you choose the Express and Ground shipping options.

Smart Order Monitoring System

With eFulfillment Service, you can monitor your orders in real-time, anytime and anywhere you need it. It gives you the full access of each order information, including the tracking, inventory, and delivery aspects. You can also set various types of alerts to notify your customers regarding their orders, such as sending them the order email confirmation, delivery confirmation, tracking number, and more. You can set these alerts to be delivered automatically to your customers. The secure platform provided by this company ensures that your data is protected by the most secure encryption. There are also in-house IT teams that promptly and knowledgeably answer your inquiries regarding the software.

Satisfaction Guarantee

The company offers full 100% satisfaction guarantee in using their service, which means that you either be happy with their service or you don’t use their service. The company also offers free setup cost for those who want to use the service for the first time. There are also no long-term contracts, no minimum order, and no hidden fees. You get the full transparency for the price of the service, although you need to inquire the price quote directly to the company to get all the details about the pricing options. Moreover, there is a 24/7 free customer service available via the ticketing system within the software.

Shopping Cart Integration

eFulfillment Service offers a robust and reliable shopping cart integration, with support to various popular shopping cart software available on the market today. Not only that, if your current shopping cart software is not yet supported by the service, you can contact the company to integrate the shopping cart software for you. This integration allows faster order fulfillment for your company and makes it easier for you to use the service for your business. Each shopping cart software has different features that can be integrated with the eFulfillment Service software, such as automated order placement, batch upload for order placement, automated tracking, and automated inventory.


If you are looking for a simple, reliable, and affordable solution for your order fulfillment, eFulfillment Service might be the best order fulfillment service to use for your business, especially if you are running a small business or a startup company. With this service, you can minimize the cost of delivering your products to your customers worldwide, which enables you to reduce the price of your products as well. It gives a big advantage for your business, as well as for your customers. By using this service, your business can expand its reach worldwide, with fast delivery and low shipping cost. For your customers, they can buy your products at a cheaper price because you have smaller operational cost to deliver their orders, which helps to improve their satisfaction in dealing with your company.

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