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By: JTH Tax, Inc. From USA

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eSmart Tax is a tax preparation service provided by Liberty Tax, a tax filing company founded in 1997 and headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA. At first, the company started by opening 5 tax offices in the USA, which now expand to more than 4000 available offices throughout the United States. The focus of the company is to provide the taxpayers the flexibility and security in filing their tax information to the government, whether they do it at one of the offices or by using the online tax filing software.

Free Double Checking Your Tax Information

One of the biggest advantages of using eSmart Tax is that the service is not only available online, but also offline as well. So, when you use the online tax filing system provided by this software, you get the advantage of double checking your tax information for free. You do it by going to one of the offices that are available nationwide after filing your tax information online. In this way, you can easily confirm with one of the tax professionals whether you have your tax filed properly or not. This is also useful to double check your tax return as well.

Audit Assistance With Tax Professionals

When you ran into problems with the IRS and you need to recheck your tax information, it might be difficult for you to do it alone. In this case, you need a professional help to assist you in auditing your tax information as soon as possible. When the notice from the IRS or your state has been issued to you, you can call one of the tax professionals provided by this service to give you some suggestions about the potential audit for your tax information. Once the audit assistance is arranged, you can be sure to submit the correct information to the IRS to fix your tax problems.

Guaranteed Accurate Tax Filing For Guaranteed Tax Return

eSmart Tax offers various features for taxpayers to ensure that they are filing their taxes accurately. There are various income data that you can choose within the software, and there are also various deductions that you can pick in your tax filing process. This is to ensure that you are filing the correct tax information to get the best amount of tax that you need to pay. This system also helps you to provide an accurate tax information for a guaranteed maximum return for your taxes.

Online System For Every Taxpayer

The online platform provided by this service is available for all types of taxpayers. Whether you are just an individual that wants to file a simple tax income report, or a business owner that needs to file a complex tax income report, there is a plan that is available for you. This online tax filing system is available for individuals, families, investors, and small business owners. Each plan is designed to fulfill the needs of taxpayers to file an accurate tax report for their income. For instance, the deductions that are available for families may not be available for individuals. It’s the same with the various investments that are available for investors, which may not be available for families.

Tax Data Import And Online-to-office Transition

eSmart Tax also offers the ability for you to import your tax data from other platforms to their online platform, which gives you the ease and comfort of transitioning to this online tax filing service from other similar services. The transfer process is done for free, which helps you to save your time and money. Also, with the online-to-office transition feature, you can easily go to the nearest tax office if you get stuck with the online tax filing software. You can then meet an expert that can help you to finish your online tax report.


eSmart Tax is a professional and reliable online tax filing platform that you can use to file your income tax every year. With more than 4000 available offices nationwide, you can be sure that there is no problem that is left unsolved in your tax filing process, since you simply need to go to the nearest office if you need some professional help. It offers various plans that are available for various types of taxpayers, which means that you can always find the right plan for your needs. The audit assistance and accurate filing method ensure that you can file your tax report accurately to the government, and get the maximum tax return as well.

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