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By: NCH Software Pty Ltd From Australia
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Are you looking for an accounting solution that can manage and report your business cash flows? Is your business a small-scale one with a few employees and little inventory? If yes, then Express Accounts from NCH can be a suitable choice for your business. It is desktop-based accounting software allowing you to organize and report the cash flow. The software is available for Windows, Mac, and mobile browser allowing several users to work on it in the cloud without any additional license. However, there is no direct Cloud version available.

Designed to automate your cash flows, Express Accounts comes from the NCH Software. This company is into developing digital tools for several activities, ranging from dictation to business solutions. Obviously, Express Accounts is its business product and is exclusively for small businesses that need a simpler way of tracking and reporting the cash flow, both incoming and outgoing.

The business solution aims to track purchases, bills, and banking transactions along with payments for viewing balances. It can create comprehensive reports, sales orders, records, quotes, and invoices. It is even capable of analyzing sales by item, sales person, or customer.

Installation and Interface

It takes only a few minutes to download this NCH software. Installation happens in less than a minute after which you can easily start using the software. Downloading the software includes a few add-ons for associated NCH products. It is optional to download these add-ons. However, you can download them if you need them. Moreover, Express Accounts is compatible with other products of NCH including timesheet, inventory management, project management, employee management and productivity programs.

Once you install and open, you see a neat and easy to follow interface. The downloaded software can run multiple businesses at once. Therefore, you can start by entering your company information, account list, tax details, numbering standard, Web access setting, credit card gateway, and invoice and quote details.

The interface in neatly arranged with menus and links for getting started. The left panel has options such as Todo, Invoices, Transactions, Items (Inventory), Quotes, Orders, and Customers. Atop is the menu and toolbar with tabs that allow storing information about invoices, suppliers, customers, reports and journal entries you make.


Express Accounts can manage and track accounts receivable as well as payable. It can record recurring invoices and orders automatically, track sales and debtors, update reports and accounts receivables when invoices are paid, and create professional invoices, quotes, and sales orders. The software also manages accounts payable, tracks outgoing cash and purchases, pays bills, create purchase orders, and generate and/or print checks.

Moreover, you have access to three main books: Journal, General Ledger, and Balance Sheet. The solution also allows creating inventory items as service, printing inventory list, monitoring payments, tracking suppliers and customers, tracking mileage, and email quotes. Moreover, the software easily integrates with Inventoria in one click for maintaining data of inventory across all business aspects.

Bank Reconciliation

Many accounting tools offer automated bank reconciliation. However, Express Accounts enables you to do so manually. This is because the program does not connect to banks directly. This is perhaps somewhat time-consuming.


You can view over 20 preconfigured reports including balance sheet, cash flow statements, sales, invoices, and income statements. Sales reports include customer sales, orders, quotes, and sales person reports. You can save any report as .PDF or .CSV. Talking about customization, you can modify the look up to some extent but no formatting options exist. If needed, you can fax or email directly via the software.

Web Access

If you set up Web access, you can securely access the software through your iOS or Android smartphone. You can provide this access to multiple users who are your employees within the organization and need a secure login to do the different accounting or financial tasks over the local area network or Internet.


Express Accounts seems to be a suitable accounting solution for product as well as service-based companies. You can even consider it to manage the accounts and cash flow of your various business branch offices operating with different currencies, at once. It is an efficient choice as well, as it is available via a one-time purchase unlike most other accounting programs available via a monthly subscription. Although there are lesser features than those programs, you can consider including NCH add-ons for additional functionality.

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