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Fix-it Utilities Professional Review

By: Avanquest North America Inc. From USA

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Among all PC tune up software products out in the market, Fix-It Utilities is probably the most popular name. The software, which was originally created by VCom, has went on to become even more popular after Avanquest's purchase of VCom. Now with version 15 it has become even more powerful with many new features, which we're going to explore in the review given below. Let's get started:


The feature set of Avanquest Fix-It Utilities 15 Pro is quite versatile. Besides including all general system optimization features (i.e. program optimizer, memory optimizer, Windows optimizer, registry cleaner, disk defragment etc.) it also includes some features that you won't find in other products. Two such features include:

  • Great Remote Control Capabilities: Fix-It Utilities 15 Pro has got great remote control capabilities built into it. It allows you to remotely control your PCs from an online dashboard and perform maintenance tasks on them. Moreover, this functionality isn't limited to PCs alone – it allows you to track and protect your mobile devices too. You can see the location of your mobile devices on Google maps and even perform some advance stuff like locking them down, wiping data or making them scream if you can't find them (physically) while they lie peacefully somewhere in your room under the couch. Now that's too much for a PC maintenance software, but certainly welcome to have.
  • Active Intelligence: Fix-It Utilities has also been provided this real-time monitoring feature with the name of Active Intelligence. However, unlike the competition Fix-It 15 will allow you to control your real-time protection using 3 different modes, which are:
    1. Scan and Fix Mode: This will scan and fix the problems as soon as they're found.
    2. Scan Only Mode: This mode only scans the issues and provides you the results of scan, and you need to fix the issues manually.
    3. Manual Mode: This mode turns the real-time protection off and you need to do the scanning and fixing both manually.

In short, its features have been designed to allow you to have total control over the health of your PC no matter where you're. And also to protect all your devices no matter where they're. Now they are some very good ideas, aren't they?

So far, so good. But a slight downside of the software is that some of its utilities are so loaded with features that an average user may not be able to understand them. For example, the Windows Optimizer included in software provides 150 different routines, most of which are of no use to average users. This is good stuff for geeks, but certainly not for average daily users. However, the company has tried to deal with this challenge by providing easy to use wizards, as we'll see in the UI section below.

User Interface and User Experience

The UI of Avanquest Fix-It Utilities Pro 15 has many elements that make it easy to use. For example, it allows you to fix all problems with a single green button. It also makes PC optimization feel easy by organizing the processes in different wizards. The wizards are:

  • Optimize Wizard: Optimizes your computer's hard disk and Windows registry for smooth and lag free performance.
  • Fix-Up Wizard: Fixes various system problems and registry errors to increase the stability of your PC.
  • Security Wizard: Closes all common security loopholes in your PC and protects it from viruses, spyware, malware etc.

Together these 3 wizards make up the most important part of Fix It Utilities 15 Pro's UI because they provide easy ways of performing critical system maintenance tasks. They're badly needed in a software as loaded with features as it is. So even if you're a new user fortunately you will not have a very hard time understanding how to use it for most basic PC maintenance tasks.


While it may not be the easiest software to use in its category, it certainly is the most feature rich one. Plus, it can be installed on up to five devices, which makes it a good bargain. If you want a single beast that can perform maintenance of your PCs and protect your other devices as well, you can't find a solution better than this.

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