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FreedomPop is a mobile phone and internet service provider founded in 2012 and based in Los Angeles, California, USA. The company provides a revolutionary mobile and internet data connection service with a free basic plan that gives users a certain amount of free texts, calls, and data bandwidth. Users can either buy the mobile devices along with the service plan from the company, or they can use their own device and take advantage of the free monthly basic plan without any contract.

Provides Free Basic Plan With Free Calls, Texts, And Data Bandwidth

Unlike many other mobile carriers, FreedomPop offers their basic mobile plan for free. It means that you get a certain amount of free calls, texts, and data bandwidth each month without having to sign up for any plan. So, if your data consumption per month is very small, you don’t need to pay anything just to access the internet using this service provider. Also, you get free calls and texts with the basic plan, which means that you also don’t need to pay for your mobile communication if you don’t use it too much.

Cheaper Premium Unlimited Plan

However, if you have a big data consumption per month, the basic plan might not be enough for you. You need to sign up for the premium plan, which gives you the unlimited data bandwidth. Moreover, it is way cheaper than the other mobile carriers, and the speed provided by this service provider is fast and reliable as well. It means that even though you choose to use the premium plan, you don’t need to spend too much money to enjoy unlimited data connection wherever and whenever you need. You just need to turn on your mobile hotspot and you are always connected online.

Free International Calls And Virtual Phone Number

FreedomPop also provides you with free international calls, meaning that you can make calls to international numbers without having to worry about the charges. It uses a Skype-like technology to provide you with the free and reliable international calls, which is very useful if you plan to use this mobile carrier for your everyday communication with your international friends and clients. Moreover, you also get the virtual phone number from any country in the world. In this way, you can make a call to any number as if you are from the same country as the one who receives the call.

Two Ways To Earn Additional Free Data

While the basic free internet data is capped to 500 MB each month, you don’t need to sign up to the premium plan just yet. There are two ways to earn additional free data for your monthly bandwidth even without paying for it. The first way to add your free data cap is to invite your friends to use FreedomPop. For each person who uses the basic plan under you, you get the additional free data. The second way to earn more data cap is to complete the offers provided by the service provider, which come from the business partners of the company.

Fast 4G LTE Network With WiFi Calling And Texting

While you might think that the free stuff offered by this company might not give you the reliable and fast data connection, you are wrong. Though the basic plan is provided for free, you can enjoy the connection speed quality like the premium plan. The only difference is that the data transfer is limited in the basic plan. With the basic plan, you can use the fast 4G LTE network with WiFi calling and texting. So, you don’t need to worry that the connection might suffer just because you are using the free plan.


If you want to save a lot of money in your internet data per month, FreedomPop is the right service provider that you might want to use. This is because it offers a basic internet plan for free, with additional features like free calls and texts. Also, even though you want to upgrade to the premium plan with unlimited data bandwidth, you only need to spend a small amount of money, which is way less than the fees that you have to pay for other internet service providers in the US. You can either use your own phone with this mobile carrier or buy the bundled phone from the company when you decide to use this internet service provider. Overall, it is perfect for those looking for free or cheap internet connection in the US.

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