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Fulfillment.com is a logistics and fulfillment service provided by Fulfillment.com, a company founded in 2011 and based in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. The main mission of this company is to help businesses, whether small or large, to minimize their operational costs in delivering their products worldwide. It provides fast and reliable worldwide shipping, without the complicated stuff associated with it.

Worldwide Product Storage

Fulfillment.com offers worldwide storage facilities to ease your product distribution for international shipping. The security level of each warehouse is set high, so that your products are safe and protected within the warehouse. Each warehouse has many staff, with 24/7 security monitor, fingerprint scanner, physical security, and many other security features. Equipped with modern climate control, your products are stored in a safe temperature to ensure that they are kept in maximum quality. With smart product grouping, your products are organized in an easy-to-access manner, to ensure quick access for packing and delivery. With the highest standard in fulfillment, it ensures your product to be delivered accurately and on time.

Fast and Easy Shipping

The fast and easy shipping offered by Fulfillment.com ensures the same day processing for all your orders. With this feature, your customers get their ordered products faster, and you get more business from them. With the strategic warehouse locations, it ensures convenience for your product shipment, whether you are shipping your products around the country or internationally. The standard ground and rush delivery ensure that domestic shipping is delivered within 2 business days after the date of order. The freight forwarding feature ensures that your products are shipped by the best carriers, with top level international shipping and customs clearance services.

Simple Packing Options

The simple packing options available at Fulfillment.com offer you the flexibility to handle and pack the products according to your preferences. You can either choose to pre-pack your products, or you can let Fulfillment.com to pack the products for you. If you choose the first option, you need to send your pre-packed products to the FDC warehouse and the rest of the handling and shipment process is done via the fulfillment service. Or, you can choose the second option, where you need to send your products, which then packaged within the warehouse and shipped immediately. There is an option for you to add a tracking number for each package in order to monitor the shipping process.

Seamless Logistics Management

With Fulfillment.com, you can manage and monitor your delivery with a simple cloud-based software. The software has various features that help to monitor your business in real-time, such as inventory tracking, warehouse management, backorder management, order grouping, address verification, carrier optimization, and protective packaging. The service also offers software integration, which helps to automate all your orders using your existing shopping cart, CRM software, eCommerce platform, and marketplace software. The integration process can take up to 2 weeks for testing. The supported software includes 1ShoppingCart, Amazon, Adobe Business Catalyst, Shopify, Ubercart, Magento, and more.


With the strategic warehouse placement around the world, Fulfillment.com can provide the fastest shipping and fulfillment service for your customers. You can ship your order internationally from anywhere, and you can manage and monitor your business using the cloud software provided by Fulfillment.com. It truly makes the world wide shipping easy and simple. This service is recommended for small and mid-size businesses to expand their product distribution and customer reach, without compromising their service quality. With 1-day order processing feature, you can ensure that your products are delivered on time, quickly and accurately, to your customer’s address. Fulfillment.com provides a reliable fulfillment service that can potentially grow your business, as it can grow your customer satisfaction with each order that they place on your eCommerce website.

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