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By: RHUB Communications, Inc. From USA
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GoMeetNow is a service by RHUB Communications, which is a communication company specializing in web based communication services. It was founded in 2005 and steadily grown over the years with a number of related services such as GoSupportNow which is a customer support software suite. They are headquartered in the United States and have supposedly served over 2 million users.

Audio and Video Conferencing

GoMeetNow provides a comprehensive service offering audio conferencing with up to 100 participants and video conferencing with as much as 15 participants at a time. Similar to other services in the industry, you have the option of sharing your desktop which is based on who the host assigns as the “presenter”. Furthermore keyboard and mouse functionality can be transferred to another participant in order to explain various aspects based on expertise of an individual.

International Dialing-in

GoMeetNow possesses telephone lines across 15 countries allowing individuals from all over the world to connect to a meeting via phone at local rates. Unfortunately, GoMeetNow does not support VOIP during a seminar meeting which may seem as a limitation.

Annotations & Whiteboard

This is a nifty, useful tool that allows individual participants in a meeting to annotate areas of the screen during a shared desktop session and save this screen as an image for reference later. There is also a whiteboard available to note down important elements during the meeting.

Pricing Model

The pricing model offers a lot of value for money though it can be too costly for companies looking to hold meetings with a large number of people. The software starts at a very nominal base price of $13 per month and increases by just $1 depending on the number of participants. This makes it ideal if you are looking to hold a seminar with a limited number of participants where the number may change every month so you can save up a little to cover other costs. If you are exceeding 50 participants constantly however, it would be recommended to try another provider as it may prove to be too expensive.


GoMeetNow is also impressive in terms of connectivity. Anybody with a working internet connection and updated browser can connect to a meeting in a matter of 5 minutes. This support also extends to mobile devices where you can easily initiate a meeting with a mobile without much of a hassle or spending too much of time.

Other Collaboration Features

GoMeetNow provides a standard set of features as other web conferencing solutions along with a few add-ons such as the possibility to raise your hand using a dial tone when connecting via phone. You can also transfer a URL to be launched on all participants' computers as well as share audio and video, initiate polls and also use multiple displays if required.

Final Thoughts

The website may seem a little dated in terms of its UI but don’t let this fool you. GoMeetNow offers a full refund if you are unhappy and you can start off with the minimal $13 plan to test the waters so you pretty much have nothing to lose.

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