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By: Vesess Pvt. Ltd. From Sri Lanka
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Hiveage is an online invoicing solution created by Vesess Inc., a web design and web application development company headquartered in Colombo, Sri Lanka. It also has the branch in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The mission of Hiveage is to help freelancers and small businesses manage their finances in an easy way.

Send Invoices And Estimates

Hiveage comes with a feature that allows you to send unlimited invoices for unlimited clients for free. You can also send estimates to your clients, with custom layouts for your estimates. Later, you can turn your estimates into invoices with a single click. The branding option is available for your invoices, which will keep your business look professional. You can also send acknowledgments and reminders whenever you need it, for instance, when your client is delaying the payment of your invoice.

Accept Online Payments

You can accept online payments with the invoices that are created by Hiveage. You can edit your tax, discount, and shipping information easily with this software. You can also bill your invoice in multiple currencies, which means that you can always bill it with the local currency used by your clients, no matter where they live. You can use multiple payment gateways for your invoices, with the PayPal payment gateway provided to you for free.

Track Your Time, Expenses, And Mileage

Hiveage provides many tracking features based on your needs. If you are providing your service at an hourly rate, you can use the time tracking feature to bill your clients based on the time you have spent on the project. You can also track the expenses incurred during the product creation and bill the expenses to your clients. If you are charging based on mileage, you can do it too. Hiveage also provides detailed information about your ongoing payments, so that you can track your finances easily with this software.

Manage Multiple Teams And Businesses

Hiveage allows you to manage multiple teams and businesses in one account. So, it is possible for you to assign your invoicing activities to other people on your team. You can also manage many businesses in one account and monitor all their finances in one simple place. The Hiveage service is fully scalable, and you can add more users later when you need it, and since the service uses modules, you don’t need to pay for the features that you don’t need.

Subscription And Recurring Invoices

You can send recurring invoices to your subscribers or regular customers without any problem with this software. If you want to review each invoice before being sent to your customer, you can do so. Once you activate this feature, all invoices will need to be approved by you before being sent to your customers. Also, with the recurring bill feature, you can set a recurring payment to any third party so that you don’t need to miss any payment again.

Detailed Reports

The detailed reports provided by Hiveage software will allow you to get the big picture of the finances of your business. In your dashboard, you can see the money that you have, as well as the money that you need to spend. You can also see the health status of your finances, by comparing your income and expenditures. Hiveage also provides monthly detailed reports about your business activity which you can review and compare.


If you don’t like paying for features that you don’t need in a billing software, Hiveage might be a good system for you. It provides full invoicing features that will help you to keep your business running smoothly. You have the full control of how your invoice will look, when will you send it, and what payment gateways that you want to use.

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