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The social networking medium plays quite an important role in the entire internet marketing domain. The HootSuite social network management system is designed to schedule and manage the posts and shares of all the social media profiles of the user. Fast and simple to navigate, it is a collection of various applications and software programs, the Hootsuite management tool is a self-sufficient management system.

Features of HootSuite:

The HootSuite is a cloud based application that can collaboratively organise and execute several businesses or social campaigns on different social media profiles of a single person.

Content Organisation

From the distribution of posts, pages, to increase the audience and clicks and likes, this software can schedule all your social media profiles in no time. If you want to post a comment or tweet something or simply want to share a page in order to broadcast your business, you can do so without having to manage anytime from your busy schedule. You do not have to sign in to different social media profiles to do so separately. This single software can organise your posts and publish them on the time that you fix and decide.

Multiple Networks

From Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare, Wordpress, Mixi to many other social networking sites can be accessed, managed and organised all through this one single app. The user can customize or schedule a time for posting a comment or sharing a page or to tweet something, all at once through this software.


The HootSuite social network management system can help the user find out how many searches and clicks have taken place on the posts. The users do not have to sign up to different profiles, all can be accessed at once. They also offer detailed analytics of various social media activity including user engagement, sentiment mesurements, brand growth reports, identify social influencers and much more.

Mobile Apps

This software is available in the form of application for the iPhone, iPad and the Android phones. It is an elegant app that can simplify managing the various social media profile virtually from anywhere. The users can utilize this app to translate the messages and posts to and from more than 50 languages. Scheduling the posts is now very easy and the users can organise a time and date when they want their posts to be published on these networks.


The Hoot Suite's social network management system is very safe secure in terms of the services and features that it provides to the user. The user can save account information of various account securely. The users do not have to login or logout several times; they can simply save the details and passwords to access all the profiles in one single touch.


Customers can select a plan from three different programs offered by HootSuite including Free, Pro and Enterprise. The free plan has been said to be the best for individual users. It allows users to manage up to 5 profiles, 2 RSS and basic analytics, message integration and app integration. The pro plan is Ideal for businesses and professionals. It allows users to handle up to 100 social profiles along with 10 analytics reports, advanced message scheduling features and a message archive that holds up to 100,000 messages.

There is also the enterprise plan that is ideal for any corporation, enterprises and government organisations. It allows users to have unlimited access to social profiles, analytics reports, RSS, message scheduling, App integration and the like.


The Hootsuite social media management system allows users to not only keep track of all their posts, recent blogs and alerts, the app also makes sure that the user stays connected to all their social media profiles.

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