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Huddle is a San Francisco, CA based company founded in November, 2006. The platform offers online collaboration software that facilitates managing content on the cloud. More than 100,000 organization worldwide are using their platform for online content collaboration. It allows to create a small social network that helps the staff to share files, manage workflows, and collaborate at any point in time. The tool also has its mobile version in forms of iOS, Blackberry, and Android apps so that the employees can access and share content from their smartphones.

Different Editions

There are three editions: Workgroup, Enterprise, and Unlimited. Available as a free trial, the Workgroup edition features 100GB storage, 2GB file upload, 20 team workspaces, cloud storage, workload prioritization, and team-content-mobile-social collaboration.

The Enterprise edition comes with more features such as 250 workspaces, 1TB storage, branding and reporting, integration services, and advanced security. As the name suggests, the Unlimited plan has all unlimited features. The pricing is revealed after registering on the site.


The tool has been shipped with a variety of features that any business or big enterprise will commend.  Huddle stands out by offering diverse collaboration tools that aid in achieving beyond expectations from distant users. Through this content management and collaboration application, you can share files across firewall, assign and filter tasks, receive reminders, customize the appearance with branding, and control security with document versioning and audit trails along with type II audit similar to that in use by the governments.

File Sharing and Management

Huddle encrypts all files for secure online file storage, allows creating your folder structure, facilitates sorting, and enables searching files across workspaces. You can even synchronize files due to intelligent sync recommendation technology for delivering the latest content on your mobile screen.

Further, you can view files, stream video content, edit files, exchange files with your co-workers while on the move, upload multiple files at once, manage versioning, and request and approve files. You can even access these files from your desktop.

Social Collaboration

That platform allows viewing other user’s activity using activity streams. Each user can create their profile with detailed contact information. Just like most popular social networks, there is also option to mention other members though @[username] as well as comment on their activity. Users can directly reply from their email without actually logging in. These comments are then directly added to the relevant file, task, whiteboard, or discussion thread. All team members are notified about the email updates and that becomes easy to track and access all data and conversations. Start a discussion with your team and archive it in one place or choose to brainstorm with your team through whiteboards.

Task Management

With Huddle, you can instantly track milestones and project deadlines, view new and completed tasks, attach files to tasks, update status of tasks to complete, and re-assign and filter tasks. By default, all scheduled tasks are automatically followed. The task manager tool comes with many features such as Version history on documents (and option to roll-back), text search within the document, direct printing from huddle and much more.

Uptime and Security

Huddle ensures 99.9% uptime with money-back guarantee for Unlimited and Enterprise editions. Further, you can set permissions for each folder and workspace, control access your content, enable LDAP, and restrict access to your domain. They have datacenters in UK and US with failover disaster recovery facility as well as 256 bit SSL encryption.

Integrations and Apps

Huddle offers very limited numbers of extensions for integration with enterprise tools such as Office, SharePoint, and SalesForce. Apart from them, they also offers integration with tools like SkySync, Zimbra connector, social networks like tibbr.

There are desktop and mobile apps to directly manage tasks and other features from the Huddle. They also offer apps for iPad, iOS and Android platforms for mobile collaboration.


Huddle is purely suitable for firms that operate in more than one market, especially for the international companies. Although some features like extensive reporting or Gantt chart are not present, it does render a satisfactory experience.

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