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By: Awio Web Services LLC. From USA
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Improvely was Founded in 2012 by Awio Web Services, LLC, which is a Lansdale, Pennsylvania based firm. Today it has become one of the most popular click tracking systems available. This multi-faceted service combines click tracking and conversion tracking, click fraud detection, landing page split testing, and affiliate marketing tools in one platform that is very user friendly.

The platform aptly tracks and optimizes the outcomes of digital marketing campaigns. It is helpful to keep track of the exact source of every sale, Signup, or an action that a site receives depending on campaign setting

Improvely offers a wide range of features and their services are compatible everywhere you advertise online; from Google AdWords and Microsoft AdCenter to bing ads and Twitter Ads, and Facebook. Unlike many click tracking services who charge for upgrades and updates, Improvely gives instant access to the latest versions and features without ever charging more.

Setup and User Interface

Improvely is web-based which means there is no need to download any software to take advantage of its many features. You can access your reports from any computer, tablet or smart phone what is connected to the internet. Set-up is simple; all you need to do is copy and paste a code into your business website and fill out a short form to create tracking links for all of your ads.

Once you login to your Improvely account, you see a neat and well-organized dashboard that shows a visual chart for each site that is known as project. The panel atop has menus for switching to projects, reports, tools, and affiliate marketing links.

Tracking Ads, Traffic, Revenue, and Conversions

For each site or project, you can view all the major performance metrics on the dashboard for all campaigns, including cost, revenue, visits, profit, and conversions. The tool also tracks links from all ads no matter where they are advertized, including text links, PPC, e-mails, and banners. It is truly an efficient link tracker as well as click tracker, acting in real time.

The report section makes you drill deep with its different reports on ad traffic, organic traffic, tracking links, and search traffic. You can easily filter your site traffic by applying one or more dimensions such as a landing page, keywords, campaign, ads, search engine and keyword, referring URL, time, and location.

The tool also allows running A/B split tests on landing pages, which is super easy even for the beginner to try as there is no need to deal with coding. Further, it shows a detailed profile of each visitor, which helps you improve key metrics for tracking customers coming from diverse ad sources.

Real Time Updates

All of the metrics and reports provided from Improvely are updated in real time as people interact with your website. This feature allows you to be able to react promptly to new inbound links as well as search queries and any marketing campaign changes. With Improvely you also have instant access to any updates and upgrades as long as you are a member for no additional cost.

Click Fraud Prevention

The real time tracking provided by Improvely also means that your ads are protected. Their click fraud detection spans across all of your campaigns and ensures that any suspicious click activity on your ads will be identified and stopped so that you can stop paying for fraudulent clicks. You can expect a full-fledged report instantly, with the details such as IP address and referring URLs to report to the search engine or the site on which you advertised. Improvely can even report to these fraud entities by showing them a warning page rather than your site. Further, you can fetch their IP address to avoid the display of your Bing or Google ads to them.

Security and Protection

You can hide the destination of your URLs from the visitors by using the link cloaking ability. Because Improvely acts as link cloaker, you can control what should be displayed in the Address and Title bars of a browser. You can also protect your keywords list and ads from affiliate managers who have a wrong intent of stealing them.

One-Stop Tracking

You can track both clicks and sales from all of the different places you advertise, including Google AdWords, Microsoft AdCenter, bing ads, Twitter ads, Facebook and more. All of your key metrics are reported as well as cost and revenue, organic and search traffic and performance of ad campaigns and all of your other marketing efforts. All of the information is displayed for you on a reporting dashboard with easy to read charts, graphs, and reports.

Tools for Affiliate Marketers

Improvely’s services are compatible with all the leading advertising and affiliate networks and with several affiliate program networks. They provide all the tools you need to track the source of every affiliate commission. They also allow link cloaking which hides the destination of your links from visitors to your site. This gives you control over the text displayed for the URL and in the title bar as well as advanced redirected based on IP or geo location of user.

Agency and Enterprise Ready

Improvely boasts a wide range of agency features. In addition to being compatible with Google Analytics, they offer the option for you to allow client access to your company’s reports. You can also send out customized branded emails that provide any data and reports you would like them to see. You can also create multiple logins and sub accounts to allow different members of your organization access to your account. Any report can be exported to Excel files, allowing for offline viewing as well.


It is wise to try out Improvely if you are using social media, digital banners, or SEO advertising for increasing sales. You can definitely expect accurate ROI measurement and a perfect insight as to how effective is your each digital campaign.

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