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InvoiceOcean is an invoicing software created by, a company founded in 2014 and headquartered in Warsaw, Poland. The company has a commitment to build an online invoicing tool that is simple, secure, and environmentally friendly. In 2015, the company has served more than 100,000 customers worldwide, with more than 200,000 invoices issued monthly.

Quick Invoicing Feature

The aim for InvoiceOcean is to provide a quick invoicing process for your business. In less than 30 seconds, you can create your invoice and send it to your customers. With the convenient dashboard, you will be able to use this software in an easy way since all the most frequently used features are placed in the most strategic spots in your dashboard. Document numbering, client data, and VAT rates are provided automatically.

Keep Track Of Payment Status

Invoice ocean will help you to keep track of the payment status for each of your invoices. The four status indicators will show the status of each of your invoice accurately, and in real time. The four status indicators are issued, sent, paid, and partially paid. In this way, you will be able to keep yourself informed regarding each of the invoice that you have created with the system.

Your Invoice Security

InvoiceOcean uses SSL certified server to ensure the maximum security of the data that is being stored in it. In this way, your invoice will be secure and free from the prying eyes. You are the only one that will have full access to all your invoices, no matter where you are, and no matter what device you will use to access your data. The data is hosted securely in the cloud to ensure easy access for you.

Generate Similar Invoices

You don’t need to write all the information all over again if you want to generate a similar invoice as your previous one. The system will fill all the data necessary for your new invoice, and you can send your invoice very quickly, with a single click. In this way, generating similar invoices will no longer a repetitive task to perform.

Invoice Sending

The invoice that you send via InvoiceOcean will be delivered directly to your customer’s email address. With your
invoice, there will be a PDF attachment that your customer can download and print. Also, your customer will be able to pay the invoice right from their email address, and you will get the report in real time whenever your customer paid his or her invoice.

Languages And Currencies

You can present your invoice in various languages as well as ask payment with various currencies, depending on your client’s location. In this way, you can localize each of your invoice and make it personal for each of your customers. This will allow you to ask payment in the form of local currencies, which is good if you are doing an international transaction.

Warehouse Management

The warehouse management feature will allow you to manage your invoice based on your product warehouse. This will be useful if you are selling physical goods that require regular stock or inventory update. With InvoiceOcean, everything will be made easier for you to connect your invoice with your warehouse. You can also manage multiple warehouses as well.


InvoiceOcean might be a good online invoicing solution for you if you are running a business which requires you to release invoices on a regular basis. However, the free plan will only suitable for you if you release 3 invoices or less per month. With InvoiceOcean, you can manage your business transaction more easily, especially because it also supports online invoicing for physical products, in which you can sync the invoice data with the data in your warehouse in a simple way.

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