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JotForm is an online form builder service provided by JotForm Inc., the company that specializes in providing a platform to build online forms that everyone can use. Since its launch in 2006, JotForm has been used by more than 1.5 million users with more than 123 million forms submitted. JotForm Inc. is headquartered in San Francisco, California, USA, and the development team is located in Ankara, Turkey.

It offers four different pricing options: Starter, Premium, Economy, and Professional.

JotForm Apps

JotForm apps allow you to enhance the functionality of your form by integrating various apps that give various advantages to your form. There are more than 100 apps available on the JotForm website, which you can pick and integrate with your form. You can choose the apps based on the category, as well as based on platform. The apps include Dropbox forms, email newsletter, file downloader, Salesforce integration, bookings, Zapier integration, and more. The apps are available in various platforms, including web, mobile, browser, desktop, social, and more.

Form Widget

Form Widget is another integration feature that you can use in your JotForm form. However, unlike apps, form widget can be inserted directly into the form fields, so that it enables you to enhance the functionality of the form in various ways. There are more than 300 form widgets available that you can choose from. Those widgets include terms and conditions, checklist, image slider, smooth signature, dynamic textbook, voice recorder, SMS confirmation, and many more. You can pick the right form widget for your online form based on the category of your form. The categories that are available to choose from include video, audio, photo, survey, analytics, verification, mapping, and so on.

Form Variations

JotForm can be used to create forms in various categories, no matter what business you are running. You don’t need to have a website in order to create your form with this software. This software allows you to embed your form anywhere, even though you don’t have any personal website to put it into. And there are a lot of form types that you can create with this software, such as contact form, document uploader, survey, event calendar, bug tracker, job application form, reservation form, and more. It gives you the complete flexibility with the software, as you can use it almost for every kind of business that you have, and you can put it anywhere online. You can add captcha into your form so that your form is secure from spammers.

Full Features Even for the Basic Plan

JotForm offers free as well as paid subscription options for users who decide to use this form in their business. The good news is that it provides full features even for the basic plan, which is provided for free. The only disadvantage is that you get the limited form submissions with the basic plan, which is far below the limit of the paid subscription plan. You don’t get crippled features in the basic plan, and you can use all the features without time limit. This is the same with the paid subscription options, which give you full features without any locked features. The only difference is that you pay more for more form submission limit per month. Aside from providing full features for your subscription, JotForm doesn’t force you to put their link in your form in the basic plan.


JotForm provides an easy drag and drop online form builder that you can use right away, without any restriction in features. If you want to use a fully featured online form building tool, you can use this software to fulfill your need. Lots of variations can be created using this software, and you don’t need to pay any single cent in order to try the basic version of the software. However, if your form submissions exceed the monthly limit, you have to upgrade your subscription into the plan that allows more limit for your form submissions.

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