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By: proinity LLC From Switzerland
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KeyCDN is a content delivery service provided by a Swiss company called proinity LLC. Proinity LLC is a private company, and it is headquartered in Winterthur, Switzerland. The service started in 2012, with the main focus to provide a high performance and affordable content delivery service that can give the best experience for end users around the world.

Push and Pull Functionality

Push and pull functionality allows you to upload your data to KeyCDN data centers very quickly, and it will allow end users to download data from the KeyCDN data centers quickly as well. The KeyCDN service uses edge servers to accelerate the data transfer process so that you will spend less time transferring your data to and from their data centers. The pull zone feature includes cache query strings, instant purges for zone caches, canonical headers, origin shield, custom robots, and more. The push zone feature includes the ability to upload your content to your FTP account, FTP sub-users, r-sync, directory listing, and more. There is also a general zone feature, which includes several zone creations, the ability to use your own CNAME, compression using GZIP, custom expire headers, and more.

Full Support for Popular Content Management System

KeyCDN can work with all popular content management system, such as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Magento, TYPO3, Perch, Craft, and Prestashop. So, if you are using one of those CMS platforms, you can set up your account with this service quite easily. It helps to boost your WordPress blog, as well as websites that are created by those CMS platforms. There are many more CMS platforms supported by KeyCDN.

HTTP Streaming

The HTTP streaming feature allows you to deliver video content to your end users in the fastest way possible. It supports common video formats that are being used in many streaming websites, and what you need to do is just put your video in the push zone, so that you can let your end users to view or stream the video immediately. The process is instant and simple, and you don’t need to convert your video files into HLS before being able to let the end users stream it.

Security Features

There are three basic security features offered by KeyCDN. The first is Secure Token, which allows you to create a special access link for your visitors. With this feature, your content can be viewed or downloaded only by the people who have a valid secure token link, and they can only access your content for a certain period of time. The second feature is shared SSL, which ensures maximum security for your content distribution. This feature can be used free of charge. The third feature is custom SSL, which allows you to provide a more advanced SSL for your website according to your need.

Management Dashboard

The dashboard management within the KeyCDN platform gives you full control of your content delivery network, which means that you can customize your account with KeyCDN as you see fit, whenever you need it. You can also view the full report regarding your account, such as real-time report, account usage, bandwidth usage, zone management, file browser, API, and more.


If you are looking for affordability, reliability, and speed, KeyCDN can deliver those things to you. KeyCDN provides an affordable Pay As You Go pricing plan, reliable service, and maximum speed for your content distribution. The dashboard management allows you to get a detailed information regarding your account so that you can always have the full control of it. With global data centers around the world, your content is delivered in the maximum speed without any trouble, no matter what type of content that you have.

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