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The Magic Members software is a membership software created by Magical Media Group in 2009, a private limited company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Aside from developing Magic Members, the company also develops many other useful products within the online business niche, such as Extension Market, Magic Affiliate, MemberWizard, and Premium WordPress Theme.

However, with its simplicity, it offers features that help to create a professional membership system on your site, such as multiple membership plans, payment integration, autoresponder integration, coupon creation, and more.

Payment and Autoresponder Integration

The Magic Members software allows you to set the payment gateways that you want to use. There is an option for you to activate and deactivate each payment gateway, so that you only use the ones that you prefer. There are a lot of supported payment gateways that you can use with this membership software, such as PayPal, Skrill, 2CO, CCBill, Clickbank,, and more. You can even set different payment gateways for different membership options within the software. Aside from the payment integration module, you can also integrate various autoresponder platforms with your membership software, giving you the ability to follow-up each of your members seamlessly. You can add AWeber, Constant Contact, MailChimp, iContact, GetResponse, and more.

Membership Options

You can create various membership options for your website, which means that you can fully customize the level of your memberships, as well as how your subscribers pay their membership fees. You can even set different payment gateways for each membership option that you have, and you can set each of them with different payment settings too. You can create multiple membership levels in your website, as well as create multiple payment options, which can be paid daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, annually, and so on. Your subscribers can also purchase more than one membership option on your website, giving you more opportunities to maximize your cash. Your subscribers can manage all their memberships easily via the Magic Members dashboard.

Custom Widgets and Support for Amazon S3 Platform

There are various widgets that you can use with the Magic Members software, such as status, text, login, and register widgets. You can also customize each widget that you put in your membership software, so that you can personalize it for your business. Aside from custom widgets, you can also integrate your software with the Amazon S3 service. You can protect your files within the Amazon S3 system without any additional protection and security software, because this feature is available as a regular feature for its users.

Download Manager and Coupon Creation

The Download Manager feature allows you to protect your download with assigned permission. It means that only those subscribers with a certain level of subscription can download the materials assigned to their level of subscription. This prevents unauthorized download within your membership system. The Coupon Creation system allows you to create unlimited coupons for your membership software, which offers various discounts for new or old subscribers. Aside from that, you can also create a trial membership for your subscription, in which you can set the expiration date for your trial membership.


The Magic Members software is a simple membership software that you can install directly to your WordPress site as a plugin. The software offers various benefits that allow you to build a professional membership website, in which you can have full control on it. It is fully customizable, with payment and autoresponder integrations that allow you to create a seamless connection with your favorite payment gateways and autoresponder software. With the one-time fee that it offers, this membership software is recommended if you want to build a membership site based on WordPress platform, or if you already have a running WordPress site and want to add a subscription option to it.

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