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By: NetDNA, LLC. From USA

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MaxCDN is a content delivery network founded in 2009 and headquartered in Los Angeles, California, USA. The focus of the company is to provide a high performance content delivery network that can deliver any content fast to the end users, regardless of the content size.


With MaxArhitecture, you are able to deliver your content right to the end users with maximum speed. The MaxCDN platform has MaxPOP servers built in strategic locations around the globe to ensure fastest content delivery for your website visitors, and each of the download query will be fulfilled via the nearest available MaxPOP server. MultiPath Network allows you to deliver content of any size quickly, from the start to finish, with unique traffic shaping logic technology. The FastStack feature allows you to maximize your site speed even more with full SSD-powered servers and custom TCP stack.

MaxControl Tools

MaxCDN uses an advanced control panel called MaxControl that allows you to do various things with it, such as monitoring your account and using several tools to enhance your CDN platform. Instant SSL allows you to activate SSL instantly and see the changes immediately on your website. Instant SPDY allows you to maximize the performance of your site instantly. Instant Purge allows you to see your origin deployments immediately. Instant Provisioning allows you to make changes to your account and apply those changes immediately. Real-time Reporting allows you to analyze your traffic and bandwidth usage in real time.

EdgeRule Feature

EdgeRule is basically a feature that allows you to customize the way you deliver your content to your end users. It provides instant control for you to customize the way you want your content to be delivered, such as by changing the security measures, changing your asset delivery, optimizing your SEO, and improving your mobile experience. There are some pre-made customization options that you can use within EdgeRule, but you can also create your own customization to bring the best way of content delivery according to your need.

Origin Shield

Origin Shield allows a stable and reliable service for your MaxCDN account, even in peak traffic. When the traffic is high, many CDN servers may go down temporarily due to server overload. But, with this feature, you can ensure continuous availability of your content within the MaxCDN platform. Origin Shield comes with overload protection that prevents server overload, so that your visitors can keep enjoying your content, even when the server has high activity.

Security Features

MaxCDN provides high quality security protocols that help you to keep your content safe from prying eyes. You can manage the people who can access your content, as well as manages the period for the availability of your content. The two-step verification feature provides additional security for each of your website visitors. They need to verify their login first, usually by using their mobile phone number, before being allowed to access your content. Secure token allows people to securely connect to the MaxCDN API with various security authentication methods.


Along with many features that have been mentioned, it is worth to note that there is a feature called MaxResponse that guarantees you to get support answer from MaxCDN engineers within 2 minutes on average. While the pricing is set per fixed bandwidth, it might not be a problem considering the features that are being offered by this service. With MaxArchitecture, MaxControl, and MaxResponse features, the MaxCDN platform can be the best content delivery network that you can use for your business.

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