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By: Caseproof, LLC From USA
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MemberPress is a WordPress-based membership software created by Caseproof, LLC, which is a limited liability company based in Utah, USA, founded in 2004. The company’s focus is to build products and services that are targeted for online businesses, which are mainly based on WordPress platform.

Easy Setup with Custom Access Rules

To install MemberPress, you just need to load the plugin in your WordPress site. Once you load the plugin, there are some settings that you need to adjust, as well as some information that you need to fill in, such as payment gateway, autoresponder, and so on, before you can use the membership software fully. Once you fill in the information, your membership system can be accessed directly from your site. Not only that, you can set the access rules in your membership system, such as restricting page access, putting categories, restrict file access, setting child pages, and more.

Stability, Security, and Flexibility

MemberPress is a membership software that follows closely the best coding practice of WordPress, giving the software a very good stability.  Many software out there can become unstable whenever there is any update in WordPress platform, but that is only because those software are not written according to the WordPress' coding best practices. Also, because of following the best practices set out by WordPress, the software has a perfect security that you can always count on. Aside from that, you can set custom and dynamic pricing for your products within this software, giving you the maximum flexibility in using the software. You do not need to have any HTML or coding knowledge in order to do that.

Subscription Management and Payment Gateway

The complete subscription management provided by MemberPress gives you full control on how you sell your subscription. You can give access to members or revoke access from members from within the dashboard in your site. There are no complicated steps that you need to do in order to change any aspect of your membership. This software also allows you to integrate your preferred payment gateway with your membership system, giving you the flexibility to change your payment system as you see fit. With this feature, you can directly accept the payment from your members to your PayPal, Stripe, or account.

Theme Compatibility

You can use MemberPress plugin in any of your favorite WordPress themes. Whether you are using WordPress themes from WooThemes, StudioPress, ElegantThemes, or any other theme creators, you can use this software without problem on your site. It can even work with custom themes, which means that the software is compatible with any type of WordPress themes that you might have.

Reporting Feature and Affiliate Program

The plugin allow you to vi real-time reports for all the transactions that happen in your membership site. There are a lot of metrics that you can monitor from your dashboard, including how many products that you are selling, how much money that you get from your site, and other useful information that you need. The included Affiliate Royale plugin allows you to create an affiliate program for your membership website, allowing affiliates to promote your products to others, in exchange of commissions. The plugin also helps you to manage the payment for affiliates.


If you are looking for a high quality membership plugin for your WordPress site, MemberPress is the one that you should try. Not only you get all the necessary features that are available in a good membership software, you also get Affiliate Royale plugin along with your purchase, which means that you get two valuable plugins in one package. However, the software doesn’t come with a one-time price, meaning that you need to renew your subscription for this software yearly if you want to keep using this software in the future.

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