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Mikogo was created back in 2003 when founder Mark Zondler and Erik Boos were frustrated with having to spend a large amount of money and physically travel to different geographic regions for the purpose of business.  The service has steadily grown over the years. Sometimes, Mikogo may not be found with the rest of the web conferencing solutions as it is also branded as a “screen sharing software”.


Mikogo only supports audio conferencing which can be an instant deal breaker for some. However, it should be understood that apart from the personal touch that video provides, audio can be quite sufficient especially if you have the option of screen sharing and sending across files.


Mikogo offers an efficient light-weight HTML based web solution allowing participants from virtually any device to join meetings. They also have their standalone desktop application for extensive features including screen sharing. This also means that users can login via their browser on virtually any mobile device with mobile optimized web versions.

While it is quite handy to login and connect to a meeting via an HTML interface, it should be noted that some of the features are limited. It is not possible to provide remote support for instance.  

Schedule Sessions

Mikogo allows you to effectively create a schedule of meetings and deliver this information to your meeting attendants ahead of time. This is ideal if you want to break a large project into smaller sub tasks for discussion. The individuals required in the meeting can vary and the schedule can be prepared accordingly.


Mikogo offers industry grade 256-bit encryption with a 128 bit SSL certified connection for web users. This is well above and beyond some web conferencing solutions that offer a less or no encryption.

Interactive Features

Despite the low price, they don’t skimp on the details. Mikogo is equipped with options of file sharing (although it is limited to 200MB), private chats during a meeting session and a publicly available whiteboard to note down your pain points. You also have the option of recording conference sessions if needed.

Language Support

Currently, in terms of language support, Mikogo’s website and relevant documentation can be translated across all the common languages allowing participants who have different tongues to join conversations. There are however no tools for interpretation inside a meeting such a translation service.


If you want to add a unique touch to your user interface, you have the option of uploading and displaying your logo in meetings as well as assigning a color scheme that blends with the color scheme of your company. This can act as an excellent branding tool.


When compared with other web conferencing services, Mikogo appears to offer a lot more value for money starting at just $13 a month which is an amount any small business owner can afford but it should be remembered that Mikogo lacks some primary features that are usually present in web conferencing services, the main one being video conferencing. Nevertheless, if Mikogo will serve the purpose, it is definitely worth the price.

Final Thoughts

Be careful and review the features of Mikogo thoroughly if you are looking for a web conferencing solution. While it provides excellent value for money and delivers its features without a hassle, it may lack certain key features. It is constantly compared to remote support services such as GoToMyPc or Teamviewer rather than conferencing solutions such as GoToMeeting or ReadyTalk.

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