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By: Motif Investing, Inc. From USA

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Motif Investing is an online stock trading platform provided by Motif Investing, Inc., a startup online stock brokerage company founded in 2010 and based in San Mateo, California, USA. The focus of the company is to simplify the whole process of online stock trading, giving the investors low-cost trading solutions and full control of their investment. The company offers a simple, unique, and transparent online trading platform that allows both individual and corporate investors to invest their money on what matters the most to them.

Low-cost Investing Solution Called Motif

Motif is not just a brand name of Motif Investing. It is also a name of a collective stock that you can buy in one transaction. Normally, you can buy stocks individually, but with motif trade, you can buy stocks collectively, with up to 30 stocks per transaction. These collective stocks are called a motif, and there are various types of motif available in this platform, in a lot of markets. The good thing about investing in motif trades is that you pay way lower price for your investment as compared to buying the stocks individually, or buying the stocks collectively on other platforms. So, with this feature, you can both save big money on your investment and profit more from your investment, since you have more stocks for lower price.

Two Main Account Types Available

There are two main account types that are available on this platform, namely non-retirement account and retirement account. The non-retirement account can be used for individual, joint, and trust accounts based on your need, while the retirement account can be used for traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, and Rollover IRAs, based on your specific needs. On top of that, this platform also provides different account types based on how you want to invest, namely Impact Account and Trading Account. Impact Account is used for fully-automated portfolio, while Trading Account is used for the account that you want to manage yourself.

Motif Markets Based On The Current Market Trends

There are a lot of stocks that are available to purchase in the form of motif, and the type of stocks and the market for the stocks are constantly changing based on the current or future market trends. So, for instance, if you want to invest in a new surveillance system, you can find a motif for that. If you want to invest in current technology, you can also find a motif for that as well. With this platform, you can find motif based on various things, including trends, themes, or strategies.

Full Security Guarantee For Your Investment

With Motif Investing, your investment funds are always safe. The company provides a full protection for your investment, with available cash claims and full refund if there are some problems that you experience in using this platform, which may cause losses in your investment. Also, the platform utilizes a fully encrypted and secured system to store all of your personal and financial information, giving more security to the system. Each account is protected for up to $500,000.

Automated Investing With Monthly Subscription

With this platform, you can opt for the automated investing option to keep the management of your account to the experts who know how to do it. This feature comes with a monthly subscription fee, and it is optional for the account holders. However, with this additional feature, you can get lots of advantages, such as real-time quotes, automated investing and re-balancing, unlimited trading, financial goal planning, and much more. The fee is different for different users, based on the deposit that they make for their account. However, the features provided by the platform are more or less the same for each user, regardless of the amount of investment that they make.


Motif Investing is an online trading platform that stands out from the crowd because it has its own trading style, which no other platforms have. With the ability to trade stocks collectively for up to 30 stocks per trade, and lower price for one motif trade, this platform provides the best solution for traders and investors who want to save money on their investment, while increasing their potential profit. And with a lot of markets to choose from for your investment, you can easily pick the one that resonates more with you, and put your money where it should be. Additionally, the security and additional options for automated investing help you to trade more confidently, knowing that your investment is safe and secure with this platform.

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