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MyFax was founded in 1997 and was later taken over by J2 Global group in December 2010. Interestingly, J2 Global is the same business group that owns eFax, another major provider of email to fax services. So, this pulls together the expertise and resources of the parent company, thus adding further to the efficiency and stability of MyFax.

How It Works

You can send a fax by either logging in to your MyFax account on or through your email account. For faxing through email account, you just need to send an email to the concerned fax number and attach the document to it. Process for receiving fax is also similar; you can find your incoming faxes in your email account as well as on MyFaxCentral. You can also download and make use of mobile apps available for iPhone and BlackBerry users. You can view your monthly bills, page allotment and usage, etc. and manage your account information all from
MyFaxCentral website.

According to official website, MyFax supports as many as 178 file formats, most popular among them being MS Word, Excel and PDF. In a single fax, you can attach up to 8 documents.

Multiple Email Addresses

You can have up to 5 email accounts linked to your MyFax account for sending and receiving faxes. And you can send faxes to a maximum of 9 different numbers simultaneously using any of these email accounts. If you want to send faxes to more than this, then you need to log in to MyFaxCentral, wherein you can send a fax to 50 different numbers at one go.

Fax Number Porting and Options

The MyFax number that’s allotted to you will be an ‘always on’ number and senders will never find it busy. If you want to keep your current fax number, you can either call-forward it to your newly assigned MyFax number or get it ported to MyFax.

Toll free and local fax numbers are available throughout US and Canada; you can choose to have either of them. Users from other countries can go for an international number that is available in 48 countries. Just like all the leading faxing services are doing, MyFax also allows integrating internet connected fax machines and printers to directly send/receive fax from the device.

Auto Resend and Delivery Confirmation

Whenever you send a fax, you get an email confirmation upon its delivery to the recipient. And whenever your fax fails, MyFax automatically retries sending it. Archive of all sent and received faxes will be stored in your account.


Unlike traditional faxing, there is no human interaction when you send fax online. Just like your emails, your faxes too are private. Additionally, faxes are sent through a secure server that uses SSL encryption for transmission.

Customer Support

MyFax has North America based support that is available 24x7 through online chat, phone and email. Apart from the common toll free number, they also have two different local or international numbers for billing and technical support. Their FAQ section too is good enough to get you started without much effort.

Custom Fax Solutions for Corporates

MyFax also offers custom faxing solutions to go with the existing VOIP and IT infrastructure of your organization. The solutions can easily allow enterprises to buy or maintain separate fax servers. You can automate faxing from your CRM (such as SAP, Oracle, Siebel & JD Edwards), ERM or any other software. There are also options to integrate them with finance, accounting and various document management software. It is fully scalable and comes with a 99.5 % uptime guarantee.


MyFax definitely is a good choice if you are not too fussy about missing out a feature or two that you’ll hardly ever use. Though it lacks some of the advanced features offered by its competitors, it makes up for that through glitch free delivery of existing features at comparatively competitive prices.

Their corporate solutions are highly recommended for large faxing requirements where their experts will take care of the whole implementation process, right from requirement analysis to testing, deployment, training and support.

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