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Phonebooth is a virtual phone system owned by, Inc., a company well-known in supplying various telecommunication products across the US. It has the main headquarter in Raleigh Township, North Carolina. The company was established in 1999, and until today, this company has served more than 30,000 customers nationwide to make their business communications even easier.

Unlimited Call Minutes

Phonebooth offers unlimited call minutes with no strings attached, all included in one flat-rate price per user. With this feature, you can talk for as long as you need, without incurring any additional charges or fees for your calls. You can make and receive calls without any limit at all, nationwide. This feature comes with no hidden fees, and the feature will let you to call any number and receive calls from any number within the United States area.

Unlimited Auto-Attendants

Auto-attendants feature is a feature that will guide your customers when they call into your customer service department. Before they are redirected into a specific number, auto-attendant will act as a virtual receptionist for your business. It will help you to route calls from your customers, and direct them to the right number. This feature includes greetings message and call menu. You can create unlimited auto-attendants with this feature, and with this feature, you will be able to present your business professionally to your customers.

Transcribed Voicemail

With Phonebooth service, you will be able to get transcribed voicemail delivered directly to your email address. So, instead of wasting your time listening to the incoming voicemail one by one, you can just read the transcribed version of your voicemail messages from your email inbox. This will help to save your valuable time, and allow you to respond to your customers’ inquiries faster.

High Quality Voice Communication

Phonebooth offers high quality voice communication, which means that you will hear the voice of your customers in the crisp and clear sound format. This high quality voice has HD quality that is way superior to the standard voice quality that is offered by the competitors. This will help to promote clear communication between you and your customers, which will help you to increase the quality of your customer service department.

Intelligent Call Routing

You can route the calls from your customers to anywhere you need. For instance, you can route the call from your office to your home phone number, or you can even route the call to your mobile phone number. In this way, your customers will always be able to find you and talk to you, meaning that you will not lose an important call from your customer.

Easy Web Interface For Your Account Management

With an easy web interface, which uses the Web 2.0 technologies, you will be able to manage your Phonebooth account more easily. The interface itself is designed to be used by anyone, without any technical knowledge necessary. So, whether you are a tech savvy or not, you can use this account management system without any difficulty.

Service Reliability

The data centers for running the Phonebooth service is placed in various locations throughout the United States area, which means that it will ensure 24/7 reliable service for each user. The Phonebooth facilities are being monitored all the time to ensure service reliability for each user of the service. This way, you will be able to accept and make calls anytime, anywhere, and no matter how bad the weather condition is.


With the flat-rate price offered in the Phonebooth service, you will get the maximum features you can get from any virtual phone system. Since the price is set per user, you will only use the service for as many users who need it, and in this way, you will save a lot of money for your telecommunication budget. However, since this service is only available nationwide, only companies that are based in the US can use this service, and also, they can only serve customer calls from within the US.

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