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PHPFox is a social networking software designed for those who wish to have a Facebook style network. It enables creating your own unique social network community that works much like Facebook. The social networking software allows customizing the new online community without using any technical skills for organizational or personal use.

Irrespective of being created for a business or personal use, the software offers many famous features that are seen on other known networking sites. While the Facebook-like utilities limit the scope of customizing your social community completely, they permit for maximum customization for giving a new Facebook look.


There are two plans on offer namely, Premium and Ultimate. Each plan differs in terms of one-time fee as well as duration of startup support available. Such a support enables you to get answers for all queries during the initial days of your launch. Once this duration is over, you will have to sign up for a support plan or browse the official site for free support from the community.

Installation and Interface

PHPFox installation is quick and easy to be installed by anyone, as it uses an installation wizard. The software uses a simple CSS template that is visually appealing and functionally inspiring to design the community network.

Once you sign up, moving around and adding profile data are quick activities to do. In just a few moments, you can customize the profile, add a profile picture, and insert utility modules as per your choice, such as blogs, videos, comments, events, polls, forums, friends, CMS, music, pages, messaging, and groups.

Wall posting, security and privacy options, and real time Ajax notifications resemble Facebook functionalities. There is also an advertising system for your classified marketplace and admin panel for controlling users and site.

Unencrypted Source Code

If you are familiar to coding, you will be happy to know that the PHPFox source code is not encrypted. You can access the code and change it to have the desired level of customization for your social platform by adding a variety of utilities to a robust platform. This is something that Facebook and Twitter do not offer.

No Branding

PHPFox allows users to remove PHPFox branding through a one-time fee. As a result, the members of your community will not know that you are using PHPFox. Further, they will see ads of their own choice. Unlike other social sites, PHPFox delegates control as to which ads appear on visitors’ pages.

Product Features

The features of this software are quite similar to those on Facebook, which means that the learning process is quick. The members can have their own blogs and customize it, hear videos, see pictures, and run polls for ensuring incessant interaction. No longer will your blogs be restricted to dense text pieces, which usually make the visitors bore.

With the instant messenger, the members can chat quickly whenever they want to communicate. They can even for their friends, block unwanted people, and change their own status. For those who wish to promote their artistic skills, PHPFox has a rare appeal. They can load music and videos, and even form a community where other artists can share their masterpieces. As a feedback, others are free to rate and like them, and leave comments.

Perhaps, the handiest feature seems to be Groups for those who wish to make announcements or events. Through the convenient Events feature, the members can send bulk emails to declare about an event or party, which is protected by the privacy control option. Further, they can make guest lists that other authorized users can see, which is handy to make others know about the invitees.


On your community site, PHPFox allows selling products through its Marketplace feature. You can post descriptions, pictures, and comments of your products for the members to see and buy. Admiringly, the feature allows connecting directly with the seller so that the members get complete control over searching, sharing, and approval options.

Direct Usage of Apps

The members can load and use apps directly, which means they can play their top games online from one location. There is no need for them to hunt for various games on different sites. Moreover, the members can create their own apps that can be stored on the site.


To ensure privacy, PHPFox allows you to create custom lists of people who are granted access to certain information. This helps customize the members’ experience with full control for privacy. Moreover, they can also monitor comments to disallow abusive or offensive words.


PHPFox allows even the naïve users to create social networking sites by implementing features expected by most members, without exploring the PHP code or employing programming skills. The included variety of modules and the price make this software ideal for both beginners and experts who consider efficiency in terms of efforts and money as priority. 

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