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Ptengine is a heatmap and a web analytics platform designed for the modern digital marketers, web development teams, and UI/UX designers. Ptengine is developed by Ptmind Inc., a Japanese information technology company founded in 2010 and based in Tokyo. The focus of the company is to help businesses of all sizes to monitor their website in real-time, increase ROI, and create a better user experience.

Auto and Custom Event Tracking

These features are included in the real-time reports, with the function to automatically track any event that happens in your website, including mail sending, file downloads, and outbound links. Other than the automatic event tracking, you can also create custom event tracking to monitor all user behaviors based on various variables, including sign up button click, share button click, application sending, and more. These event tracking features are available without complicated setup, and without any code implementation in your website.

Click and Attention Heatmap

Ptengine gives click information with thermographic visualization that helps you to determine the areas within your website with the most clicks from your visitors. Thus, you can then set your monetization method based on this valuable information. It also includes the dual locating technology, which allows you to understand all the important factors about each click. The attention heatmap gives the similar thermographic visualization that allows you to determine the areas within your website that get the most attention from your users. This valuable information can also help to boost your conversion rate.

Page Analysis

This feature allows you to analyze a whole web page to determine the level of your page optimization. It gives you the complete data about clicks from all of your web elements. In this way, you can determine the performance of each web element. It can help you to optimize the whole page for a better conversion, based on the data from the page analysis alone. The web elements that are analyzed include the interactive and non-interactive elements, such as links, images, drop-down menus, videos, buttons, and more.

Scroll Reach Map

Aside from providing heatmap analysis for your website, Ptengine also provides an interesting feature called the scroll reach map. The scroll reach map feature allows you to understand how your visitors scroll each of your web pages. The information provided by the scroll reach map analysis is presented in addition to the click and attention heatmap. Thus, you get the complete picture of how your visitors focus, how they click, and how they scroll your web pages. This feature also gives you a valuable insight about how and why your visitors leave your website.

Campaign and Conversion Optimization

Ptengine allows you to measure your traffic and conversion with the campaign and version analytics. You can create a campaign URL to measure the traffic that you get to your web page with various variables, such as name, medium, content, term, and more. Then, you can also measure your page conversion with a conversion funnel. With the conversion data analytics, you can understand how your visitors arrive at your page, how they click, why they buy, and why they leave. It also provides valuable conversion rate data, which helps you to understand the health of your online business.


Ptengine provides a complete tracking and analytics solution for your website, with powerful heatmap visualization to measure your website performance. It also allows you to optimize your website promotion and conversion rate, allowing you to effectively boost your business profit. Overall, this is one of the must-have tools for any website owner that operates their business mainly through their website. With the available free version, you can try the software to analyze a single domain name, and you can choose the paid plan to scale the software functionality as you get more traffic to your website.

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