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Webgistix, now known as RSL or Rakuten Super Logistics is an order fulfillment company provided by Webgistix Corporation, which is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. In 2013, the company was acquired by Rakuten, which later changed the service name into Rakuten Super Logistics. Rakuten Inc. is an eCommerce technology company founded in 1997 and based in Tokyo, Japan. The Rakuten Super Logistics service is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, USA.

2-Day Delivery Network

Webgistix has a vast and reliable delivery network that ensures a 2-day delivery for your orders via ground shipping. It means that your customers get their orders faster, no matter where they are within the US area, whether they are located in Las Vegas, New York, Atlanta, Reno, or any other locations. With a quick delivery, it enables you to create a good impression for your business, and customers have maximum satisfaction when they buy the products from your eCommerce store. This fast shipping service doesn’t need any other additional costs for your customers, as is the case with Amazon Prime or any other special eCommerce membership services. This enables you to compete even with big eCommerce companies.

100% Speed and Accuracy

Webgistix provides a 1-day order processing and 100% order accuracy guarantee. It means that if your orders are delivered late or inaccurate, you don’t need to pay for the service. With this guarantee, each order is shipped within 24 hours, and delivered in your customer’s place within 2 days after their order date. Also, it is delivered right into their mailing address, without any wrong address problem associated with their orders. If there is such kind of problem, you don’t need to pay for the Webgistix service. The service applies three quality checks for your order to ensure 100% accuracy and maximum customer satisfaction.

SmartFill Technology

The SmartFill software provided by Webgistix allows you to monitor all your orders anytime and anywhere. Whenever you need it, you can open the cloud platform and monitor your orders in real-time, even when you are on a vacation abroad. Not only monitoring, SmartFill also features some useful management tools for your warehouse, which allows you to manage the order-fulfillment aspects of your business in just a few clicks. It offers integrations with various existing shopping cart and marketplace software that you are using, with automatic invoicing option and no hidden fees. You can also get complete graphs and charts about your business transactions, which gives you the valuable insights that you need about your business.

SmartFreight System

The SmartFreight system allows you to ease the delivery process of your products, as well as supplies, without having to spend hours every day to manage all the things related to your product delivery, such as getting the best shipping rates, customs regulations, carrier negotiations, and so on. This system offers various services and benefits for your business, such as domestic freight, international freight, customs consultation, customs clearance, comparison shopping, shipment planning, tracking, and shipping discounts using your Webgistix or RSL account.


As a national order fulfillment service, Webgistix provides a reliable and accurate delivery service across the US area, which means that you can give your customers the best shopping experience with your eCommerce website. The service has a vast network of fulfillment warehouses that ensures fast and quick delivery of your products. However, as good as it might be for national businesses to speed their shipping time using Webgistix or RSL, it is not suitable for businesses that want to do business transactions with international customers. In other words, this service is recommended for you if you have customers in the US area, but if you have an international market, this service is out of the question.

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