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Having started its operations in 2003, RingCentral today serves more than 300,000 customers. Apart from online fax services, they also offer complete VOIP solutions for voice and text for conferencing, online meeting, etc. delivered on their state of the art cloud infrastructure. The company is headquartered in San Mateo, CA.

Handling Fax the Email Way

Sending and receiving faxes through RingCentral is as easy as handing your email account. Your efax account is synced with your personal contacts as well as your corporate directory, thus enabling you to send a fax to any of your contacts or colleagues with just a few clicks. You can also send a fax to multiple recipients at one go. The faxes that you receive will be stored in your email account and you can access them just like an email attachment. Apart from the online account, you can also send and receive fax through the RingCentral Mobile App or Softphone (if you are on your personal computer).

Awesome Integration Capability

RingCentral fax comes integrated with popular cloud storage tools and services like Google Drive, Box and Dropbox. This allows you to fax the documents stored on these services using your PC or a mobile device. You can also integrate your online fax account with Microsoft Outlook for easy access.

Secure Connection

RingCentral uses encrypted connection to transmit faxes. You can also password protect your online account that you use to keep your received faxes.

Caller ID Management

You can choose to have an 866 toll free number or a local number. You can also go for a fancy number for a one-time fee. Should you need additional numbers, you can get that as well for an additional monthly fee. Irrespective of the type of fax number you opt for, you get complete flexibility to manage your caller ID, incoming as well as outgoing. You can also choose to display your business name while making calls.

Preview, Edit and Annotate

RingCentral account allows you to preview and edit your faxes before you send them out. You can also add annotations to your faxes. The scheduling feature enables you to send a fax on a preset date in future. You can also print your faxes and design your own custom cover sheets for this purpose.

Mobile Alerts

Though you get an online account and have detailed fax logs therein, you may miss to go through an important fax unless and until you login to your account. In order to avoid such situations, you can make use of mobile alert facility so that you get a message on your mobile phone whenever you receive a new fax.

Web and Phone Support

Except for the entry level plan that comes with web support only, all other plans offer web and phone support. Online web resources include an extensive learning center, webinars, and user guides. They also have various community channels like blog, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Slideshare.

Advanced Features for Power Users

RingCentral power users are entitled to some advanced features like switching between PDF and TIFF format for sending faxes, sending out faxes to pre-created groups of contacts, blocking incoming faxes from numbers not having caller ID, etc.


RingCentral internet fax service is suitable for small, medium and big businesses alike. They have all the enterprise level features you can expect from an online fax service. You can choose an appropriate plan depending upon your estimated monthly pages to be faxed. All plans offer a certain number of free pages after which you will be charged on per page basis.

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