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Are you looking for a pure invoicing and payment program that can work online without installation? Would you like to simplify complex accounting activities such as bank reconciliation? If yes, then Sage Business Cloud Accounting could be an ideal option for you. Introduced in 2012 in the United States, Sage Business Cloud Accounting is a new and simple accounting and invoicing software designed for automating less interesting financial aspects of your business so that you can focus on other priority tasks.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting as name suggests is a cloud-based solution that supports invoicing, customer and supplier tracking, project tracking, free accountant and bookkeeper access, online payments, 24x7 backup, and more. This new release as a cloud-based service offers some instant benefits appealing to all those who have worked with previous Sage versions without backup, or all those who need a centralized database for project and invoice management.

The web-based platform offers all utilities required for managing the finances of small-scale businesses. As well as importing accounting data such as expenses and income, the program automates general accounting tasks by implementing bank-like state-of-the-art encryption for keeping data loss at bay. This is applicable regardless of whether you are using a PC or smartphone.

Sign Up and User Interface

Signing up is simple but somewhat lengthy due to security questions. However, these questions are certainly essential as you are about to put all your finance and business data online, in the cloud. After logging in, you can customize the settings of your dashboard for adding company details to appear in your invoices and view a video about the program’s overview.

The interface of the dashboard is quite clean and fluid. The workflow is quite intuitive although customization is restricted due to its one-size-fits-all approach. You can easily and quickly add clients, projects, and contacts; delegate tasks to employees and contractors, collaborate on projects and tasks, bill clients, and track expenses and income.


Small business owners can now spend less time on invoicing and yet receive their payments faster. This is because Sage Business Cloud Accounting automates the invoicing process completely. You can raise invoices for sales and services in PDF format for emailing or printing, customize them, track unpaid invoices, and add billable time to invoices. There are a few templates to choose from but none of them can be personalized. However, you can add a custom logo.

For receiving payments, Sage Pay as the online payment gateway is handy. Though this option, you can insert the Pay Now link on any invoice. However, you cannot link with other payment services such as PayPal or integrate this program with other apps.

Alerts and Reminders

You no longer need to worry about piling up invoices or late payments. This is because Sage Business Cloud Accounting lets you send reminders for delayed payments as well as alerting you when a late payment is made. Also, it takes only a handful of clicks for resending the invoice. At any point in time, you can see what is still pending, what is paid, and what is overdue.

Bank Reconciliation

Bank reconciliation is a recently introduced feature in the product. You can easily link to your bank account and credit cards to keep a track of incoming and outgoing cash. Sage Business Cloud Accounting is now capable of integrating with thousands of financial institutions.

Accounting Utilities

The program is capable of tracking finances by tracking income and expenses, linking expenses to projects, and supporting recurring billing and multiple tax rates. You receive 5GB of storage space for free for sharing files anytime.


Before reports, what might attract you to Sage Business Cloud Accounting is the Business Dashboard for viewing all of your finances at once. It gives a complete view of several major transactions so that you can see what your team is doing and which domains need quick attention. In addition, you can easily view automated profit and loss reports, aged invoices, and balance sheets at just a single click.


Knowing that collaboration is essential for any business, Sage Business Cloud Accounting offers several collaborative features. You can collaborate with your accountant and manage projects and employees from one place. You can even add unlimited users without any charge, assign tasks, use Message Center for sharing updates and ideas, and track the status of various projects.


Sage Business Cloud Accounting is an exclusive invoicing, project management, and collaboration cloud-based solution. Although there is no payroll, you can perform most vital tasks centrally but securely.

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