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Scottrade is an online trading and brokerage platform provided by Scottrade, Inc., a financial service company founded in 1980 and based in St Louis, Missouri, USA. The company offers various financial services and investment products that are designed to help the investors to manage and utilize their funds in the best possible way. The online trading platform offers added services that are not usually provided by the other platforms, along with powerful and exclusive trading tools that are unique to this platform.

Various Free Added Services To Help All Traders With Their Investment

A trading platform cannot help the investors reach their goals if the platform doesn’t offer any services that help them to create better strategies in their investment, know more about the market, and provide accurate information about the market events. Scottrade provides various free services that help the traders to invest in the best way. The services include online education resources, financial calculators, portfolio review, branch appointment, and real-time streaming quotes. These services can be enjoyed by all traders that are using this platform in their daily online trades.

Superior And Exclusive Trading Tools

This online trading platform also offers various trading tools that are superior to other platforms, along with exclusive tools that provide more features and data for investors just like no other. These tools are available as desktop software, web-based platform, and mobile apps. In this way, traders and investors can monitor their market data and make quick decisions based on the information provided by these tools as quickly as possible. There is no need to go back to the office just to place your new stock orders. You can do it via your mobile device, on the go, and profit from the investment right away.

Exclusive Research Data For More Accurate Investment Analysis

Scottrade provides exclusive research data that give more information for investors, as well as more accurate analysis of the market. With the exclusive research data, the traders and investors that use this platform can plan their investment in the best way possible, taking notes on the possible profits or losses that they may get when they invest in certain market. With a powerful research data provided by this platform, investing becomes easier and simpler, as you can easily measure the market value and make better decisions in each of your investment choices.

Competitive Pricing For All Investment Products

As this platform provides almost all investment options that any trader can get for their portfolio, it is important for it to provide the competitive pricing that makes the users want to use this platform instead of other platforms. This online trading platform has various interesting prices on a wide range of investment options that users can enjoy, along with straightforward commissions. It means that users don’t need to worry about whether there are any hidden fees for each trade or profit that they make using this platform. Moreover, there are no additional fees for account inactivity and maintenance, which further cuts your expenses.

Advanced Tools That Help Traders Uncover Hidden Opportunities

Along with the exclusive trading tools that are provided by Scottrade, there are some advanced tools that are provided for the users if they are willing to use it. These tools are equipped with advanced features that give more insights on your market data, as well as investment potential. For instance, the ScottradeELITE software is an advanced tool that offers traders and investors with deep insights on their financial market, providing better chances to uncover hidden opportunities that you might as well miss when using regular trading tools. These types of tools are provided by this platform to help active traders make swift decisions in the dynamic movements of their target market.


Scottrade is one of the best online trading platforms that you can find on the market today, and it is unique in its own right. The uniqueness of this platform is evident in the way they treat their clients by providing various resources, services, and tools that are commonly not available in other platforms. This platform has the competitive edge over other similar trading platforms simply because it is willing to take further steps in helping the traders and investors to reach their investment goals, including by providing competitive pricing for their investment products, providing exclusive market research data and superior trading tools, as well as various free services that the users can use to take their investment to the next level.

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