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By: Serif (Europe) Ltd From UK

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Creating a website is one of the most important aspects of a business. A professional looking website can give a boost to your business. If you are able to impress your potential clients with your website you are more likely to close deals with them.


Serif Webplus X8 is a website development software which eliminates the requirement of learning HTML/CSS to develop a website. Using the software you can create a website that impresses the inbound traffic. The software is available for both 32 bit and 64 bit systems. You need to download the installation file and execute it to start using the software. The key features of the software are discussed below.

Ease of Use

You can choose a wide range of pre-designed templates to make your website quickly. You can completely customize the your website in a hassle free manner. If you want to create your own template, you can start with scratch and build it up very easily. Adding features to your website easy and you can simply drag and drop objects to place on your website.

Fast and Flexible

It is important to have a fast and responsive website. A slow website can drive the traffic away. Webplus X8 codes your website using HTML5 which is a fast and efficient method of coding. This way your website automatically becomes fast with high responsiveness.

With the increasing usage of mobile devices for browsing it is important that your website is flexible with all kinds of screen sizes. Webplus X8 makes your website highly compatible with devices having smaller screen size. It is very easy to update your website with the latest add-ons. This enhances the user experience.

Image Features

You can add life to your website by adding stunning images by simply dragging them. The galleries are very flexible with added controls. You can also create a sequence of images to add a special touch to your website. A new watermark feature helps you add extra security to your original work. A semi transparent imprint can be added to the images with total control over size, position and colour.

An image magnifier helps your audience to interact with the images in a new manner. You can showcase your products with high detail using the magnifier. A Pinterest button allows the users to share the images with just a click.

Customization with Advanced Effects

Webplus X8 allows you to make beautiful websites by adding a bunch of sleek effects. You can make objects fade and animate in and out of view. User experience is enhanced by a smooth up and down scroll. You can select from a list of 40 attractive fonts to match all the requirements. You can use the filer effect to fine tune your website graphics by adding trail effect, drop shadows, directional feathering and much more.

Drawing Tools

You can use the drawing tools to make unique graphics for your website. A wide array of fantastic colours, advanced effects and a selection of dynamic QuickShapes will help you create the perfect graphics that your website needs.

Smart Objects

You can make your website more lively by adding interactive smart objects. These objects are free and can be added by just dragging to the website. They can be used to create powerful web features like forums, in-depth website search, blogs etc. In addition to this Serif Webplus comes with e-commerce capabilities that help you make sales conveniently and Google Map which helps the users locate your stores easily.

Web Forms

The software comes with readymade webforms which can be used to interact with website visitors. The forms include signup forms, contact forms and feedback forms with option to personalize them using your own background colors.

Slider Studio

Sliders add beauty to the website! The newly added slider studio feature in Serif X8 allow users to easily add sliders and even customize them according to website’s design and need.

Secure Upload

With X8, users can save website as a package and upload them using SFTP (Secure file transfer protocol) for securely upload website’s content. This way, software uses secure SFTP connections while uploading content on server.


Serif WebPlus is a complete package for creating web pages. You can customize your website as per your will and add objects by simply dragging and dropping them. With features like live website editing, it can be really fun to design websites or webpages in no time.

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