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ShipBob is an order fulfillment company founded in 2014 and based in Chicago, Illinois, USA. As a startup order fulfillment service, the company strives to provide the service performance comparable to the established multi-national fulfillment services in the US. The purpose of this service is to help e-commerce companies give the best experience for their customers by fulfilling their orders quickly, while retaining a high quality packaging for their product shipments.

No Fulfillment Outsourcing

ShipBob is one of the few companies that provides the fulfillment process that is fully done by the company staff. The company fully owns all of its warehouses and staffs all employees across its multiple locations in the US. It means that they are working with their own employees from all areas of fulfillment without having to outsource their work at all. What it means for you as the customer is that you can ensure that all problems can be resolved very quickly since there is no third-party involved. And since there is no third-party to outsource the process, you can benefit from the less cost that the company is paying for the entire fulfillment process, which means that you get cheaper rates.

Bulk Discount Pricing With No Hidden Fees

ShipBob’s bulk discount shipping rates are available to all customers, whether you only ship a few hundred orders per month or thousands of orders per month. This is possible, because first, the company doesn’t outsource any third-party services, and second, the company has made lots of deals with the delivery courier services to lower their fees. Moreover, it doesn’t have any hidden fees, so you pay only for the service that you have used.

Same-Day Shipping With Lots Of Delivery Options

ShipBob’s warehouses are available all over the US, which means that it is easier for the company to handle the order fulfillment process within the continental US, though they do international orders as well. This service also offers the same-day shipping for each order, which gives your customers more satisfaction when they receive their orders quickly. There are lots of delivery options that you can choose, and with the free price comparison chart, you always get to know which delivery courier gives the lowest rate for your shipment. So, no matter where you ship, you can always get the best possible rate for each order delivery.

White Label And Standard Packaging For Free

While other similar services might charge you with the white-labeling and standard packaging service, it is not so for this fulfillment service. By using this service, you automatically get the free white-labeling and standard packaging features. In this way, your customers don’t need to know that you are using an order fulfillment service to ship your products. Each packaging comes with the standard packing procedure, high quality cardboard box, or they can use your boxes with your company logo or brand. Thus, it gives a more professional touch for each package that you send to your customers and reinforces your brand as part of the unboxing experience.

Free Order Management Software And Returns Management

Moreover, you get the complementary order management software and returns management service, which can give your e-commerce business a boost. With the order management software, you can manage all of your customer’s orders in one dashboard, without the need to switch to different tabs for each order. Also, there is the advanced reports that you can get for your orders, and you can even get the detailed order summary for any period. Additionally, with the returns management service, you don’t need to deal with the headache of product returns from your customers, since it is also handled by ShipBob.


ShipBob is an affordable, high quality order fulfillment service. Their fulfillment system is top-notch and comparable to the big players in this business, and there are lots of complementary features that you can get once you decide to use this fulfillment service for your e-commerce business. No matter what e-commerce platform you use, you can get a headache-free order fulfillment service from this company at a very affordable price compared to other similar services. Packaging quality and free white-labeling service help keep your brand in the spotlight. Overall, this is a very recommended order fulfillment service for US-based e-commerce businesses.

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