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Ecommerce is a capital and resource intensive business. Not only it requires a good amount of capital, but also a decent amount of labor to be put in. From managing inventory to getting products delivered on time, there're a number of hassles that come in the life of an ecommerce entrepreneur. And these hassles, if not tackled rightly on time, can make life very difficult for him/her.

Fortunately, solution providers have started springing in the market to tackle these challenges for ecommerce entrepreneurs. One such provider is Shipfusion, which wants to take care of everything from inventory management to delivery for online businesses. Does it really make the cut? Let's figure out in our review:

Professional Warehousing

Shipfusion is not just another delivery company - it's a company that deeply understands the requirements of ecommerce businesses. That's why it also offers professional warehousing and inventory management services as part of its package. You can store your products in Shipfusion's warehouses located in Canada and USA and forget about your inventory management hassles. And in case you're wondering about how will you be able to do so… then you'll be glad to know that Shipfusion will help you with that part too. Yes - it'll assist you in transferring your inventory items to one or more warehouses. Once they've been transferred successfully, inventory details updated in real-time will be served to you through their cloud software (more on that in a minute).

Customized Solutions

The requirements of every ecommerce business vary significantly. And when requirements vary, the solution should also vary. Shipfusion understood this, so it has developed processes and services that can be tweaked according to your requirements to build a solution tailored to your particular needs. All you'll have to do is getting in touch with a Shipfusion representative, tell him/her about your business and its requirements and you'll get a solution customized according to those requirements. It's that simple!

Integration With Multiple Sales Channels

As ecommerce industry has exploded, 1 is not the number to shoot for. These days you can maximize your reach by listing your products on multiple platforms, including Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, Bigcommerce and many others. And the great thing is that Shipfusion has been designed to help you do that. You can integrate your products listed on all these platforms into their cloud software, which will allow you to see their performance and manage them from one place.

Cloud Software

I saved the best thing for the end. The cloud software offered by Shipfusion is the base of every facility that they provide. It's the place where you'll be provided all the functionality described above, and from where you'll be able to manage your online business with them. Naturally, this place must be nice. And fortunately, it is.

The Shipfusion cloud software is very professional, easy to use and packed with all the features that you may need. It has got real-time inventory updates, shipment tracking, order processing time, stats about each of these figures and last, but certainly not least, applications to help you use it on the go. Yes - when you choose Shipfusion, you won't have to be tied to your laptop to see how your business is doing. You'll be able to do that on your tablet, or even on your smartphone.


The more you have on your plate, the more de-focused you become. So why not get some of your focus back by outsourcing inventory management and delivery to Shipfusion? That will enable you to focus on things that matter. I feel that every ecommerce business should consider giving it a try. Strongly recommended!

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