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Shipwire is a service provided by Shipwire Inc., a shipping and fulfillment service company founded in 2006 and based in Palo Alto, California, USA. In 2013, Shipwire was acquired by Ingram Micro, a technology distribution company based in Santa Ana, California, USA. Shipwire provides a cloud-based enterprise logistics system to help expand your business reach internationally.

Global Warehouses and Intelligent Shipping

Shipwire has global warehouse locations that are located in 5 different countries, namely the United States, United Kingdom, China, Canada, and Australia. Other warehouses are going to be available soon, which are located in Germany and Brazil. It offers a safe and secure storage for your products, with efficient shipping and special handling options available. The warehouses feature an enterprise-grade WMS (Warehouse Management System) to allow the efficient management of high quantities of products. The intelligent shipping technology ensures that Shipwire chooses the best carrier selection, route, and packing option for each of your orders.

Integration with Existing eCommerce Software

Shipwire is made to be easily integrated with various eCommerce software that you already use, such as shopping cart and marketplace software. It works with a lot of popular shopping cart software, such as 1ShoppingCart, CommerceHub, Magento, Miva Merchant, Newegg, and more. It also works with the existing order capture system that you are using, in order to automate your order submission, check your inventory status, and provide the real-time shipping rates for each order. You can use the existing eCommerce software, API, CSV, and online account to automate your sales.

Fast and Flexible Shipping

Shipwire offers same-day shipping and handling service for your orders. The orders that are submitted to Shipwire before 5:30 AM is going to be shipped within the same day, whereas the order that comes after 5:30 AM is going to be shipped in the next business day. The shipment from this company enables you to fulfill orders from international customers, as the company has multiple warehouses in 5 different countries worldwide. They also offer the support for freight shipment, and they help in the custom clearance process for each order. The service offers ground and expedited delivery options, allowing your customers to get their ordered products faster.

Delivery Customization

Shipwire allows you to customize your delivery according to your preferences, so that you can keep your business looking professional in front of your customers. Various customization options are available, such as shipping confirmation email, labels, marketing inserts, real-time rates, and tracking numbers. It also gives your customers the ability to edit and cancel their orders, provided that the orders have not been processed by Shipwire. With all these customization options, you can keep your business brand intact while using this delivery fulfillment service, so that your customers know that you are providing them the best service and shopping experience.


With various options available at your fingertips, and the cost of service that is matched according to your preferences, Shipwire offers one of the best order fulfillment services for your business. With this service, you can pick your own warehouse locations, calculate your own cost, brand each shipping with your company name, and keep your customers happy with their purchase. The enterprise-grade software allows you to integrate with your existing eCommerce software, and keep the smooth ordering process for your customers. This service is recommended for those who want to expand their product distribution internationally and keep the process simple and manageable within one cloud-based platform.

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