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By: SlimWare Utilities Holdings, Inc. From USA

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PC optimization can be a time consuming task. However, it's also very important, because a slow PC not only decreases your productivity but also exposes you to a number of risks. Therefore, we must perform the maintenance tasks related to our PC's software on regular time intervals. And fortunately, a software solution known as PointStone System Cleaner 7 is available to help us with that.

So in this review we're going to take a look at how good of a PC optimizer it actually is. Let's get started!

Robust Startup Optimizer

Let's talk about the best thing first. PointStone System Cleaner 7's startup optimizer is arguably the best in industry. Tests conducted on multiple systems suggest that it decreases the boot up time of computers by 30% on average. It achieves that by delaying the loading of startup programs to make Windows boot faster. Results may vary from user to user, but I hope that they'll still be much better than those provided by any other software.

One Scan for All Recommendations

System Cleaner 7 provides all important recommendations to speed up your PC in one scan. Issues related to junk files, registry errors, fragmented hard disk and even security vulnerabilities all are highlighted in a single scan. And if you don't want to perform the scan of any particular category, you can simply uncheck its option before initiating the scan.

Automatic Maintenance

Maintenance is not a do once, forget forever kind of task. It requires persistence and regularity. The folks at PointStone understood this, and therefore they've built the feature of automatic maintenance in System Cleaner 7. The feature, once turned on, performs all the maintenance related tasks on regular time intervals.

Complete Package of Disk Management Features

System Cleaner 7 also takes care of your computer's hard disk. It has got more than enough tools for that purpose, which include:

  • Disk Cleaner, which cleans your hard drive of junk files;
  • Disk Wiper, which wipes the free space of your hard drive to remove any fragments of deleted files;
  • Disk Defrag, which organizes the data scattered throughout the disk to boost file access speed;
  • Disk Doctor, which checks the hard drive for bad sectors and helps you in fixing them;
  • And finally, an SSD Optimizer that optimizes your computer's SSD for best possible performance.

In short, if you've System Cleaner 7, you won't need any other tool to maintain your hard drive(s).

Reduces Errors

Windows Registry is one of the most important things in your computer's operating system. A batch of system files used by Windows to control the hardware and software of your PC make it up. And as you install/uninstall programs in your PC, they often leave their traces in the registry. Those traces start causing unnecessary errors during your everyday activities, and also slow the PC down to a considerable extent. Therefore, System Cleaner 7 comes with a powerful registry cleaner that you can use to clean your Windows registry of useless entries.  A cleaner and well-organized registry doesn't cause any errors.

User Interface

While user interface of System Cleaner 7 is easy enough for most users, it can be a bit difficult to understand for novice users. There's a learning curve, but it's not as steep as it's in some other solutions.


Overall we can say that PointStone System Cleaner 7 is one of the best PC optimization and maintenance software products out in the market - if you can learn using it after investing some time. And depending on your level of experience with such products you may not need too much time to do that. Once you've learn about all of its features, you'll feel yourself that you don't need any other software to maintain your PC's health when you have it. By providing a cleaner Windows registry, organized hard drive, fixed security vulnerabilities and regular maintenance System Cleaner 7 will provide your computer the stability it deserves.

Finally, at $39.95 it's also quite affordable. The only downside about pricing is that you can install it on up to 3 PCs only. If that's not an issue, I suggest you to try it as soon as possible.

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