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StyleWriter is a grammar-checking software released by Editor Software Ltd., a software company based in Dursley, United Kingdom. StyleWriter is a software that encourages you to write in plain English, which means a simple and easy English writing style. Plain English helps to tell your message more clearly to your audience, as opposed to regular and complicated English, which is difficult to read and understand.

Clear English Writing

The biggest feature offered by StyleWriter is plain English, which means that the software helps to identify mistakes in your writing and turn your writing into plain English. What is plain English? Plain English is a clear English writing style, which enables you to send clearer meaning in your message. This is useful if you are writing for your business. If you do not create a clear communication with your target audience, nobody is going to buy your product. But, if you have a clear writing style, people are going to understand your message, and you can communicate with them more effectively. You can apply this style in various kinds of writings, such as contracts, advertisements, articles, web pages, social media updates, and more.

Unique Spelling and Grammar Checking Tool

StyleWriter not only checks your spelling and grammatical mistakes, but it also helps to pinpoint the wrong use of jargon and abbreviations as well. This allows you to create jargon-free writing and keep your professional writing style intact. Most so-called professional writings are difficult to understand, since they are filled with unknown abbreviations and jargons, which only confuse the reader more. The spelling and grammar checking tool provided by this software can search your writing mistakes thoroughly, way beyond your grammar and spelling errors. It also detects glue words and many other possible errors that you make in your writing.

Audience Selection Tool

The Audience Selection Tool allows you to pick your audience and adjust the software to match your target audience. This is because each audience has a different preference in reading your text, and thus, you need to identify them before you begin editing your text. The audience types that you can choose in this software include academic, advertising, legal, and more. On top of that, you can also choose between 20 writing tasks to perform with this software to ensure the perfect writing style for your business or academic assignments.

Customization Options

With this software, you can create your own writing rule, and there are various options available to choose from. The customization features the ability to delete the advice made by the software, add categories, change the software to corporate style, choose which problems need highlighting, and add your company’s advice to the software. This allows you to adjust the experience of using this software according to your needs, whether you use it for yourself or your company. It also helps to adjust your writing style with various types of audience.

Writing Statistics

StyleWriter provides various writing statistics to assess the quality of your writing. There are Bog Index, Average Sentence Length, and Passive Index. These are the statistics that help to determine whether your writing is good or bad, and whether it is easy to read or not. In this way, you know the quality of your writing right away, and you have the means to improve it quickly as well.


If you are looking for a more than a grammar checking tool, this software might be a good grammar checker software to use. By using this software, you can transform your writing into an easier-to-read text that your audience can go through easily, without any confusing words or jargon that may prevent your audience from understanding your message clearly. It is suitable for businesses that want to improve their relationship with their customers, and improve the effectiveness of their advertising messages.

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