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By: TaxACT, Inc. From USA

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TaxAct is a tax filing software created and developed by TaxAct, a software company founded in 1998 and based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA. The focus of the company is to provide a better tax filing solution for taxpayers with various backgrounds, which gives them the easy and convenient online tax filing experience with comprehensive options. The company ensures that the individuals using the software can provide accurate tax information to the government with various advantages that may help them to lower their tax amount in the process.

Maximize Your Credits And Deductions

One of the main features of TaxAct is that it can give you the maximum credits and deductions in your tax filing, which can help you to lower your tax amount considerably. It means that you get an advantage over other taxpayers that might be paying their taxes without thinking about possible credits and deductions in their reports, especially those who use the traditional paper filing method. With this software, there are hundreds of credits and deductions that you can choose to ensure that you are paying the accurate amount of tax for your income. It saves both your time and money in paying your taxes.

Personalized Assessment For Your Financial Situation

For those who are using this software for the first time, you might need to know your current financial situation, so that you can assess the amount of tax that you need to pay this year, as well as the subsequent years. This personalized assessment is useful to help identify your financial planning, as well as the opportunity for you to lower your tax amount. There are various tax saving suggestions that you can get when you use this tool to assess your financial situation. So, it is very useful for you to take advantage of this feature as soon as you start using this software.

Report Your Investments And Rental Property Easily

If you have a lot of investments going on, as well as having a rental property that produces a consistent amount of income for your business, you need to report it to the government. This is because these investments and rental property are taxable, which means that you have to pay the taxes for those assets that you have. TaxAct makes it very easy for you to report the income that comes from various types of investments and rental property, along with the applicable deductions. With the organized online tax filing method, you can file your investment and rental property income tax more quickly.

Guaranteed Maximum Refund For Your Tax

Assessing an accurate amount of tax that you need to pay is necessary to avoid overpaying your tax later. This software helps you to do that, and it helps you to assess your past taxes accurately as well, so that you are eligible for the refund of your tax. The good thing about this tax filing software is that it guarantees you to get the maximum refund for your tax, meaning that you get the full amount of money that you have overspent for your taxes in the past, thanks to the accurate assessment of your taxable income.

Free Unlimited Phone And Email Assistance

The more comprehensive the tax filing software, the more confusing it tends to be. Fortunately, TaxAct provides the unlimited phone and email assistance for their users free of charge. This can be a game changer for you, since many other services are offering this feature for an additional price. With this software, you can be sure that if you get stuck or ran into problems when using this software, you can call the technical support team immediately, and get a quick fix for your problem as you need it. There is no limit in the number of phone calls or emails that you can submit to the technical support.


TaxAct offers a comprehensive tax filing solution for any taxpayer that wants to submit their tax income report more accurately, but, without the need to spend hundreds of dollars just to use the software. Yes, this software offers comprehensive features just like the more expensive competitors, but with a more affordable price point to offer. It offers you a personalized financial assessment, free unlimited support, hundreds of credits and deductions, and various other features to get your tax filed properly. Moreover, the free basic plan gives you the basic features that are enough to file your basic income tax.

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