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Themify currently offers over 40 themes as well as a large collection of over 320 hand-crafted icons that are available free of cost.  Membership options are reasonably priced, and the site also offers a 30-day refund if you're unhappy with their themes and services.

Though most of their themes are suited to niche businesses, the ability to modify a theme's layout and styling means that Themify's users can tailor their websites to their individual liking.

Highly Customizable

When selecting a wordpress themes, most users want to make sure that their blog or website can be customized to their unique tastes. At the same time, not many of them have the time or desire to get into the coding aspect. Themify's dashboard control allows you to control almost every aspect of your blog or website. Drag and drop customization means that users can even work on their themes from their tablet or smartphone. The widgets too are designed such that there is no need to integrate or implement code. You can also create your very own customized child themes without editing the original theme.

Form Factor

Themify's designs lend a premium look and feel, no matter if yours is a content rich blog or an ecommerce shop. There are a number of niche themes that cater to specific business requirements. The Minshop, Shopdock and Shopo themes are ideal for WooCommerce applications that are looking to provide a relaxed, pleasant shopping experience. The PhotoTouch and Folo themes are perfect for those looking to showcase their work samples, products or services. Other than a few themes like Fullpane and Agency, however, there is a relatively smaller collection of themes for corporate websites. This means that opportunities for professional developers to build websites for their customers may be somewhat limited.

Functionality and Ease of Use

Themify's intuitive dashboard control panel allows you the flexibility to design each webpage differently. There are several options available to change the layout with respect to the header/footer, sidebar (or double sidebars), use of social links etc. Styling options allow you to change the background, use different sets of color combinations, add custom images, use the font of your preference, and lots more. If you're a beginner or aren't sure exactly how to style your website, Themify also offers pre-set styles (or skins) to choose from. After you've finished working on your theme, an instant live preview feature allows you to view and tweak the end result.


Themify provides information for its themes and plugins through detailed documentations and FAQ guides. WordPress theme providers today tend to also include video tutorials in addition to FAQs and support documentation, as it makes working on your themes much easier. At the present moment, Themify does not provide video tutorials. However, an active and responsive support forum means that users' queries are usually answered within 24 hours.    

Themify Club

Like most other theme providers, Themify has a three-tier club membership structure – Standard, Developer and Master Clubs. Though membership comes with an annual fee, users are provided access to all themes and plugins, including those that will be released during the course of their membership. For the duration of the membership Themify also provides free updates, support, and the ability to use the themes/plugins on as many sites as desired.


Themify's designs not only provide an attractive look and feel to a website, but the themes are also mobile responsive and social media integrated. The site provides plenty of flexibility to modify the layout and styling of your webpages. An active quick-response support forum ensures that users' queries are answered promptly and effectively. For niche businesses looking for attractive yet highly customizable themes and plugins, Themify would fit the requirements quite nicely.

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