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By: TradeStation Group, Inc. From USA

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TradeStation is a stock trading software company founded in 1982 and headquartered in Plantation, Florida, USA. The company provides traders and investors the tools and system necessary for them to conduct successful stock market analysis, stock trading, and brokerage business with free market data and premium tools. The premium trading tools and platform that is provided for the users can be used by both full-time traders and part-time traders to improve their results.

Free Market Analysis And Premium Tools

TradeStation offers both full-time and part-time traders the opportunity to improve their trading activities and give them better insights on their investment. For this purpose, the platform provides the necessary software, market analysis, and premium tools that the users can use freely without any additional payment. The users simply pay the price per trade, for as many stocks that they want to buy. The free market analysis and premium tools are automatically included in their dashboard once they logged into the system. This can help the users to analyze the market that they are trying to profit from without spending any additional expenses for the required tools. The premium tools are always available for them in whatever device that they use.

Multi-platform Trading Tools That Work For You

The premium tools provided by this platform help the users to check their stock anytime they need, as well as see the movements of their stock placement whenever they need it. There are various versions of the tools available, which include mobile, desktop, and browser versions. In this way, no matter what device and what operating system that they have, they can use the premium tools just the same. Moreover, it is not required for the users to pay for any additional fees just to use these tools, which adds more convenience in using this platform.

Massive Historical Database For Testing Your Ideas

For your investment to be successful, you need to have a really brilliant investment idea that can help you to profit as much as possible in your stock trading activities. Fortunately, TradeStation provides the huge historical database to help you trade more confidently with this platform. With this database, you can test your stock investment even before putting any money on any stock, in order to see whether it is good enough to invest in. With this database, you can also see various trading opportunities that many people who don’t use this platform left off, which gives you even more chance to profit from any investment that you make.

Improve Trading Skills With Regular Training

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or an expert stock trader, you should always be willing to learn more about your craft. Trading and investing are a high-risk business, since you need to put big money on the table, and you have to be ready to lose it all in an instant. However, with the constant improvement of your trading skills, you can almost always sure that your investment can turn into profit every time you put your money in the stocks. This platform provides consistent and regular live webinar training that helps you to significantly improve your trading skills, as well as giving you the necessary tips to use the tools provided by this platform more effectively.

Fully-customizable Trading Platform

With TradeStation, your trading activities can be personalized and customized for a better experience. The cockpit-style trading platform provided by this company allows you to watch the movements of stocks in the way that you want to see it. You can customize various aspects of the cockpit to fit your preferences, and make it your own unique way of trading. With the TradingApp Store, you can choose various custom strategies and indicators that can help you to personalize your trading experience even more.


With the flexible pricing that it offers, TradeStation can be the best choice for both full-time and part-time traders that want to start a simple way of trading that can maximize their return on investment significantly. It is also a good platform for beginner traders to start learning about stock trading and improve their trading skills with the regular live webinars provided by this company. Also, you can enjoy a personalized trading experience by customizing your stock trading cockpit in the way that you want, so that you get the best and most confident trading experience. Best of all, the trading software, premium tools, and market analysis are available for you free of charge once you become a user of this platform, which adds more convenient in your trading activities like no other platforms.

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