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By: Uniblue Systems Limited From Malta

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Powersuite is a complete PC maintenance and optimization solution for Windows provided by Uniblue Systems Limited, a software company founded n 2003 and based in Malta, European Union. The focus of the company is to create simple yet powerful software to help users optimize their computers. The company is a Microsoft Partner in Gold Application Development, which means that the software created by the company has fulfilled the gold standard as determined by Microsoft.

Registry Errors And Optimization

If you’ve been using your computer for a few years, chances are you have installed and uninstalled more than 50 software during that time period. When you keep doing that without doing any optimization to your computer, there is a big chance that your computer is becoming slower than before. This is usually caused by errors and messy registry in your Windows operating system, which greatly affects your computer performance. Powersuite allows you to scan for registry errors within your system and optimize it in just a single click. It helps to fix your registry and keep your computer running smoothly.

PC Speed Optimization

When your computer becomes slower than usual, it can be extremely frustrating when you are trying to complete various tasks using your computer. This can be even more frustrating if you are using your computer for work, which means that each computer slowdown may result in even more stress and frustration on your part. This software helps to optimize the speed of your computer by taking care of various things, such as uninstalling unwanted software, cleaning your registry, defragmenting your hard drive, cleaning junk files, and so on. By doing this process routinely, you can maintain your computer speed at its best.

Device Driver Updates

The more modern your operating system, the more difficult for it to work without updating the device drivers. So, when you plug many devices to your computer, you have to ensure that your driver is up to date, so that your computer can use the device properly. While it might still be possible for your computer to use your device without updating the driver, it may result in very poor performance of the device, which can affect your overall computer performance. Powersuite provides a one-click solution to update your drivers, allowing you to optimize all of the devices and peripherals that are connected to your computer.

Disk Cleaner And Optimization

The more files that you put into your hard drive, the more burdened your computer is. It means that your computer needs to run more processes just to access certain software or open your files. In this way, your computer becomes sluggish and difficult to operate. This is why cleaning your hard drive regularly is important, and moreover, it is important for you to defragment your drives regularly as well to keep your hard drives running at its best performance. This software offers an easy way to clean and optimize your hard drives.

Unwanted Program Uninstaller

When you have a lot of software installed on your computer, you are wasting the resources of your computer unnecessarily. This is especially true if you let the software run non-stop on the computer, and set to automatically start when you start your computer for the first time. If you don’t really use the software, it is always good for you to uninstall it from your system. Powersuite helps you to uninstall your unwanted software easily, so that it no longer burdens your system with unnecessary processes. In this way, you can only install the software that you really use regularly, and save your computer from draining its resources unnecessarily.


Dealing with a slow and sluggish computer can be frustrating if you don’t know how to solve the problem. The main problem of a slow computer is usually caused by the bad errors in the registry, and then followed by other problems, such as too many installed software, duplicate files, and old drivers. Powersuite helps you to fix the problems that you have on your computer system in just a few clicks. Not only it can help you to fix your registry problems, it can also help you to perform various optimization processes that help to improve your computer performance easily. All you need to do is to use this software as your regular PC maintenance tool, which you can use to optimize your computer regularly, at least once per month.

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