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Vendio is a multi-channel eCommerce software created by Vendio Services Inc., a company founded in 1999 and based in New York, USA. The focus of the company is to help businesses to create their eCommerce store in various platforms available, in order to maximize their sales and profits. The software works automatically, and it can be used immediately without the help of web programmers or developers.

Multi-Channel Inventory Control

The biggest problem in managing various eCommerce stores at once is the inventory control. If you cannot control your inventory properly, you might experience data mismatch, which can lead to lost customers and sales. The multi-channel inventory control provided by Vendio ensures that everything is synchronized in real time. Your inventory data is always up to date for the customers in all store channels. You can also filter your products across channels, which helps you to manage your products easily. The product descriptions are the same in all channels, which prevent you from doing repetitive tasks in writing your product description.

Marketing Features

Vendio provides various marketing features that help you to promote your store online and attract more loyal customers to your business. One of the most important marketing features you can get is the quick add SEO feature, which allows you to automatically optimize your web store for high ranking in the search engine. Also, the automated coupon system allows you to provide the best deals for your potential customers on a regular basis, which helps to attract more customers to your store. The store gallery widget feature can help you to promote your products on your blog or email. The single-page checkout system provided in this platform also helps you to prevent cart abandonment and increase your sales.

Sales and Order Management

Vendio provides a single sales dashboard for all of your online stores, so that you can manage your sales and orders in one place. The inventory system is designed to be updated whenever a customer makes a purchase of your product, so that the inventory data remains accurate at all times. Aside from that, you can also send tracking links immediately to your customers' email address. From your dashboard, you can also accept offline payment methods for your online store, aside from the already existing online payment processing systems, such as PayPal,, and PayFlow Pro.

Web and Facebook Store Features

The software allows you to sell your products simultaneously on various platforms, including Facebook and your own website. It provides various customizable templates for your store, which you can apply to either your web store or Facebook store. The web store has a completely customizable HTML and CSS editor, which you can use to apply a custom layout for your store. It also includes integrated payment system with no software installation needed, which means that you can start accepting orders immediately. The web and Facebook store offer unlimited bandwidth as well as SSL and PCI-compliant security system to ensure smooth transactions for your business.


Vendio is an eCommerce platform that is suitable for businesses who want to sell their products on multiple platforms. Whereas this can be advantageous for you, it might also be complicated for you to manage it, despite the various management tools that are provided on this platform. The biggest benefit to you is that you can distribute your products more effectively, since you can reach more audience by selling your products on multiple channels. However, since it requires a more complex management of your store, Vendio might only be suitable to be used by medium to big businesses that already have enough inventory and workforce to manage the entire process properly.

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