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Verizon Fios is an internet service provided by Verizon, a telecommunication company founded in 1983 and based in New York, USA. The Verizon Fios service provides high speed internet connection service with fiber optic technology that provides better speed and reliability as compared to the regular mobile wireless connection. This service also includes the HBO channel for a year, as well as other TV On Demand features that can be enjoyed by the users, depending on the plan that they choose.

The Best Upload And Download Speed With Fiber Optic Technology

The best advantage of fiber optic as compared to mobile wireless internet is that you get the best connection speed, since it is not affected by signal strength. Verizon Fios offers the best upload and download speed as compared with common mobile wireless connection services in the US, and the upload speed is the same as the download speed. It means that whether you want to stream videos or upload videos, you can always have the same stable connection from this service provider. The speed is also faster than the regular 4G LTE networks offered by common mobile carriers in the US.

HBO And Fios TV For Entertainment

When you have a lightning fast internet speed, streaming HD videos become very easy without any buffering at all. This internet service provider is bundling its internet packages with various TV streaming services, such as HBO and other TV channels in its package bundling. It makes it very convenient for the users to enjoy various TV entertainment just by subscribing to this internet service. It offers a TV On Demand feature that gives you thousands of choices of TV shows that you can watch anytime, and many of them are free without any additional charges.

Verizon Fios Mobile App For Anywhere TV Entertainment

With Verizon Fios, you don’t need to be glued to your computer or laptop just to watch some TV entertainment bundled with the service. With the mobile app for Verizon Fios, you can install it on your phone or tablet, which allows you to watch your favorite TV entertainment anywhere and anytime. The app is linked with your username and password, so you can always take the TV entertainment app from this internet service provider with you, and enjoy various TV shows even when you connect to another network. You just need to open the app and play your favorite show.

Super Clear Home Phone Quality

Since this ISP is using a fiber optic technology, it is connected with your regular home phone number for the best connection quality. The good news about it is that this service provider has the technology to ensure that your phone calls have the best audio quality possible. It is called Fios Digital Voice, which is a feature that ensures that your voice calls have the crystal clear sound quality no matter how severe the weather, since you don’t need to rely on the signal strength when making any call from your home phone.

Multiple Devices And Users

With Verizon Fios, you just need to choose a package, and you can use it on multiple devices and multiple users. Each user has an independent account that they can manage for themselves, making the experience unique and tailored to each user. This is useful so that their favorite TV shows don’t get mixed with your favorite shows, and it’s also the same with their internet browsing activity. You can use the internet connection with any device that you own, such as TV, game console, computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet, and so on. It makes this internet service the ultimate internet experience for the family members.


With a good fiber optic technology, you can ensure that you get the best and most stable connection with Verizon Fios. This is the type of internet connection that is suitable for those who want speed and reliability above all things, although the price might be a little bit more expensive than other regular wireless internet services. And bundled with various TV channels and TV On Demand features, you can ensure that you get the best uninterrupted entertainment for your whole family, which comes with your subscription. You can also use it for multiple users and multiple devices, which makes it suitable to maximize the experience of your family members in their internet activity and TV entertainment.

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