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WinZip System Utilities Review

By: cleverbridge AG

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PC maintenance can be one of the most boring tasks for many average users. Cleaning and optimizing different parts of Windows and hard drive to ensure smooth performance requires time, planning and effort. Fortunately, great software solutions are out in the market to help people with these things.

Once installed, a good PC maintenance software can help a lot in keeping your PC optimized for best performance. However, finding such software is not an easy task. There're so many options out in the market that it can take hours to compare them. And even if you somehow do the comparison successfully, there's no guarantee that the software with most features will also provide the best results.

So we're here to help you out. We're going to review a popular PC maintenance software known as WinZip System Utilities Suite to figure out how good it is for maintenance of an average user's PC. Let's begin:


Gone are the days when PC maintenance software used to come with cleaners and optimizers alone. In last few years security, backup, data recovery and much more than that has come under the purview of these products. These features have gone from optional to mandatory in little time. So it's no surprise to find existence of more than 20 features in WinZip System Utilities Suite. These features include:

  • A PC fixer, which scans the computer for most common issues and fixes them itself. It allows you to choose the issues that you want to fix by symptoms.
  • Hard drive optimization features like disk defragment and drive benchmark.
  • Data deletion and recovery features like Secure delete (which permanently deletes a file from hard drive), duplicate file remover, junk file cleaner, Hard drive S.M.A.R.T. data retrieval, file undeleter etc.
  • Security features like encryption and a security adviser.
  • And of course, the general system optimization features like startup manager, driver updater, registry cleaner and registry optimizer.

So the feature set of WinZip System Utilities Suite is quite complete in itself. However, it does not include some advanced features that can be found in some of its rivals. For example, it lacks file shredder, SSD optimizer and privacy optimization features. But we can also look at it from a positive perspective - it keeps the software simple and easy to use for most users.

User Interface and Experience

Since we already were on the topic of simplicity and ease of use, let's look into those things in more detail. The UI of WinZip SUS is simple and well organized. The only thing slightly annoying about it is the number of windows it can open when you launch utilities separately, because every utility inside it is opened in a separate window. So you may want to close the utilities after their job is done, or else you'll soon see a stack of windows occupying your computer's screen and your attention.

There is also some overlap in the way how features have been organized in this software. For example, the driver updater is listed under two sections (Regular Maintenance and Windows Optimizers). However, it's still a well designed package.

Highest Diagnostic Consistency

A key differentiator of this product is its diagnostic consistency, which is the highest all products in its category. This means that it can search for and fix most issues in one scan. You won't have to scan multiple times to ensure that your PC is secure and well maintained.


In a nutshell, WinZip System Utilities Suite is a powerful suite of PC maintenance tools and utilities. It's simple, yet fully functional, which makes it a good choice for most average PC users. You may feel slightly disappointed with lack of advanced tools if you're an advanced user who prefers versatile programs, but if PC maintenance is your primary goal then it certainly won't leave you dissatisfied.

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