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WishList Member is a WordPress-based membership software created by WishList Products, an internet marketing company based in Cordova, Tennessee, USA. Aside from creating WishList Member software, WishList Products also create the WishList Insider, a training resource that helps online businesses create a successful membership site for their business.

Unlimited Membership Level Creation

WishList Member allows you to create as many membership levels as you want, which means that you can create any type of membership within your website. Each membership that you create has its own pricing plan. You can let your subscribers to upgrade to a higher membership level if they so wish, or downgrade to lower level. You can do this all via the WishList Member dashboard, and you can put all types of membership within one website URL.

Sneak Peek and Partial Content Display

This feature allows you to showcase your content without showing it entirely to nonmembers. Nonmembers can have a sneak peek of your content as a preview of what they can get within your membership. Also, you can set how much content you want to reveal to nonmembers. This helps you to convert more of your visitors into members because it helps to entice them to get curious about your content and encourage them to subscribe. Of course, non-members can only see the full content once they subscribe to your site.

Shopping Cart Integration

You can integrate the software with your WordPress site instantly, without hassle. In other words, you can install and use the software immediately on your site, without the need for complex configurations and settings. Also, you can integrate various shopping cart platforms into your membership site, so that you can accept payment from your subscribers through your favorite shopping cart software. The supported shopping cart platforms include Clickbank, PayPal, Cydec, Infusionsoft, and more.

Member Management

Aside from being able to create various types of membership options, including free trial membership, you can also manage your members easily via the account dashboard. You can monitor each member via your dashboard and learn various information regarding your members, including their registration status, their membership level, their contribution, and more. You can also transfer your members into different membership levels, pause their membership subscription, upgrade their membership level, or delete them from your system.

Content Protection

With this software, your content cab be made safe and protected. No unauthorized person can access your content. Your content can only be accessed by the respective members, according to the access level of each content. For instance, members that belong to Silver Membership cannot access the content that belongs to members in Gold Membership. Also, members that belong to Free Trial Membership cannot access the content that belongs to members in Silver Membership. This way, you can ensure that everyone gets their content based on the price that they pay for it.

Custom Error Page

When a member from lower membership level tries to access content that belongs to a higher membership level, an error page is displayed. The good news is that you can customize this error page and use it as an opportunity to encourage your members to upgrade their membership level.


WishList Member is a simple WordPress plugin that you can use to turn your regular WordPress site into a complete membership site that you can manage easily. With one-time license fee that is offered for the software, you can use this software for as long as you want without having to pay for any subscription fee, except for the optional yearly updates and support. The features offered in WishList Member help you run your membership system easily and scale it as much as you want. When you decide to take this software, it is recommended for you to get the WishList Insider, since this training resource can help you create a successful membership site with the software.

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